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Read our AceGAMSAT reviews from some our past GAMSAT students:


Acegamsat changed everything!

All I can say is thank you to Matt and everyone at Acegamsat for the comprehensive gamsat books. These books covered everything for section 1, 2, and 3. There were more than enough practice questions for s1 and s2 and I cannot stress enough how similar these questions are with the acer questions in the gamsat exam (great job). With a score of 81 in section 3 and a total score of 72, I’ve been accepted to study Medicine at Usyd.

AceGAMSAT Review by: Sophia Belitsis, USyd Medical Student, Sydney Australia


Success with no science background 

Extremely pleased with these study bibles! I had no background in science and these study bibles really helped me grasp the fundamental concepts for all of the sciences. The essay marking feedback was extremely helpful. I am pleased with my overall score of 69 (S1: 75, S2: 71 S3: 65). I worked through all of the acegamsat practice questions for section 1 & 2 and wrote several practice essays and this contributed a lot to my score. Customer service was also exceptional and the team were always more than happy to answer questions.

AceGAMSAT Review by: Sarah Burns, University of Western Australia


Ripped off by another company and acegamsat saved me!

After paying $5999 for another prep companies course I failed the Gamsat. I lost all hope and was going through depression for months and felt like the biggest failure. After a lot of support and encouragement from my parents I decided to give the Gamsat another go. I decided to buy the AceGAMSAT study books and was amazed at the insightful tips and strategies I learnt from these books and the thousands of practice questions were a million times better than the ones from the previous company. I scored an overall score of 65 and was accepted to study Dentistry at UniMelb.

AceGAMSAT Review by: Dean Raepple, Doctor of Dental Surgery, UniMelb (The University of Melbourne)


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