Average GAMSAT Score

What Is The Average GAMSAT Score?

average gamsat score

With all of the fluctuations which occur, year by year, the question must be asked, “what is an average GAMSAT score.” This is a tough question for which a definitive answer may be provided. To secure an interview you are likely to need to have an overall score of between 65 and 68, depending on the year.  I have known of students who did not receive an interview offer, even with a 65. Given this there is a general range of marks which would represent an average GAMSAT score. 

Section I:  A score between 57-61 should represent an average score for this section. 

Section II:  A score between 59 and 65 should represent an average score for this section.

Section III:  A score between 62 and 66 should represent an average score for this section.

Arguably the range of marks is widest for Section II. Following that the range is widest for Section III, then Section I.  As already stated a number of factors can influence the average GAMSAT score in a given year.  These include:

  1. The number of people who sit the exam can affect the average GAMSAT score.

In the last 15 years or so the number of people sitting the GAMSAT has more than trebled. The greater the number of people who sit the exam the greater the pressure, as the number of places for applicants is still quite small. 

  1. The range of marks for a given year can affect the average GAMSAT score.

Sectional averages, and overall averages naturally go up and down each year, depending on preparation, the relative match of the exam to everyone’s preparation, how many first-timers are sitting the exam, and so on. 

  1. The number of students utilising GAMSAT preparation courses and receiving tutoring can affect the average GAMSAT score.

The higher the number of students who sit preparatory courses and received tutoring, likely result in a higher number of test-sitters who have excellent preparation. This will, and has, pushed the GAMSAT average up, year by year.  Where it used to be that an average score was in the mid-to-late 50s, this is now no longer the case. The average mark has jumped by a good 10 points over the past decade.


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