Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough

Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough?

From: Lindsay
Re: Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough?

is my gamsat score good enough

It is often pointed out by GAMSAT candidates that it is hard to know how to interpret GAMSAT scores.  First of all, as you should no doubt know from other posts, the exam breaks down in the following fashion:

Section  I:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section II:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section III:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

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Before we answer the questions ‘Is my GAMSAT score good enough’, we need to start with the basics. It is necessary to score a mark of above 50 in each of the sections. What this means is that you cannot hope to depend on any particular section to save the day. If you score well in two of the sections, but abysmally in the third, it will mean you are ineligible for an interview, or for a medical / dental place.

So, remember, it is about overall success, not your weighted score, or a strong result in Section III for instance.  This last example is a classic mistake. First of all, it is possible that your plan of scoring very well in Section III, may go awry. The configuration of topics may not be what you expect after all.

Similarly, it is possible that the level of difficulty found in the questions may exceed your expectations.

Finally, even if you score well in Section III, if you score below the minimum for the other two sections your application will be effectively invalidated. So, the big lesson is to remember to try to score well across the board.

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There are number of pieces of advice to follow in terms of looking at your scores:

1. An offer is based on what percentile your mark falls in.

When I sat the GAMSAT, in the early 2000s, a successful applicant to the University of Melbourne Medical School could have a score as low as a 63. This was based on the fact that fewer people sat the exam at that time, and that scores were generally lower. Now more people sit, and thanks to more resources being available for students, scores are higher.  You want to score as high as possible given that the average score continues to climb. 

2. Score above a 65 overall.

Even though it is hard to estimate what would place you in the higher percentiles, and hence achieve an interview offer, it is important to remember that scoring a 65 or below is very unlikely to get you an interview. Where once a 60 would have been sufficient, a 65 should be your absolute minimum overall score.

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Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics 

Is It Possible To Do Well in GAMSAT Without Physics

Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics 

As the GAMSAT approaches, it is not uncommon for many students to relay that they are confident in biology or chemistry but struggle with Physics. 

Year after year, the same thing holds true for almost all GAMSAT candidates. Regardless of their background, be it a humanities degree, or one in the sciences, they are all intimidated by physics as a topic area of Section III. Technically they really should not be. So, is it actually possible to do well in the GAMSAT without Physics?

The level of difficulty which they can expect from physics questions is of a lower order than the level of complexity expected in biochemistry or organic chemistry. They can expect questions which would equate to those found in the year 12 syllabus, perhaps a few topic areas which might be found in first-year foundational physics class at university. 

Regardless of this fact students are intimidated by what they believe to be the breadth of topics they must cover for physics, as well as the concern that they will be expected to do complex calculations. These fears are unnecessary. While there is a relatively wide range of questions found in the physics portion of the GAMSAT, remember that many of them are related. Impulse relates to linear motion. Kinetic energy relates to gravitational potential energy. And so on.

Also, remember that given that you will not be allowed a calculator during the GAMSAT, none of the calculations you must do will require the use of a calculator. Here are number of topics you should learn for physics and the other topics in section 3.


Find out the entire GAMSAT Science SyllabusClick below to access now

GAMSAT Section 3 Science Syllabus

  • If you do not cover physics you are making yourself vulnerable in Section III.

It is important to remember your marks are likely to be between a 55 and maybe the early 70s. There are guaranteed to be Section III questions which you will find very difficult and may not be able to answer, despite your preparation.  The easiest way to solve this problem is to prepare for physics to ensure you can put in a very solid effort on questions which are relatively easy to answer. 

  • Focus as much on studying graphs and tables as you do on theory and calculations.

GAMSAT questions for section III should only take around a minute and a half to get through. Given this, it is useful to focus on how you can use visual cues or trends to help you narrow down your number of potential answers. 

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Examples Of GAMSAT Questions For Section 3

  • Keep in mind the level of work required.

Always remember that the level of scientific knowledge expected for the physics portion is technically the most basic of all of the scientific work which will be expected of you in Section III.



GAMSAT Knowledge Requirements

GAMSAT Knowledge Requirements

gamsat knowledge requirements

“Do I have enough knowledge to sit the GAMSAT?” is a question often asked by many potential candidates who wish to take part in the exam.

If it were expected that you have an evolved knowledge of all of the topic areas found in the GAMSAT, you’d likely have to study for a decade before you could even sit the exam. This would be impractical, and leave you exhausted before you even commenced your medical degree. Hence it is likely that you may have a distorted view of what are the GAMSAT knowledge requirements. You are not supposed to know ALL biochemistry or ALL physics. 

To make things a little easier, here is a lists of “dos” and “don’ts” in relation to your knowledge requirements for the exam. 

Before we continue, if you want to know the Minimum GAMSAT Cut Off Scores for GAMSAT entry, then click below to download now:

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  • You should and must spend time learning about the writing techniques which will enable you to come up with terrific essays for Section II. This is easily achieved as the formulas for both are straightforward. This is an area in which you can and should acquire the necessary knowledge.
  • You should not waste too much of you preparation on Section I topics which concern logic. Spend your time instead learning the basic rules of logic. This applies equally to the philosophy texts you will need to analyse for Section I. You can use your logic skills on these as well. 
  • You should have a detailed knowledge of all of the basics of biochemistry – cellular respiration, photosynthesis, protein synthesis – to a moderate level of detail.
  • You do not need to know anything beyond a basic first year knowledge of physics.
  • You should know all of the essentials of genetics.
  • You should not bother with a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Most of this information will be provided to you on the day of the test in any case. 
  • You should know about organic chemistry to a basic approaching intermediate level.
  • You do not need to know about quantum physics to a degree any more sophisticated than would be covered in a basic first or second year chemistry class.
  • You should be able to do basic mental calculation which might come up in physics. Not being able to use a calculator is not a sufficient reason to arrive at the exam incapable of doing intermediate level mental arithmetic.

If you want to find out the exact topics that can arise in the GAMSAT, then check out the GAMSAT syllabus we have put together:

As always be sure to utilize the following resources provided by us.  Both will help you immeasurably in determining the level of detail you will need to attain for all of the topics you will be covering.

Click below for advice on How To Study For Section 3 Of The GAMSAT

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GAMSAT For Non Science Background Students

GAMSAT For Non Science Background Students

GAMSAT For Non Science Background Students

The GAMSAT is a non-discriminatory exam. Anyone who is a university student can sit it, you can be any age (assuming you have left school), and from any academic background. Inevitably many people attracted towards the GAMSAT will be biomedical students, or perhaps Bachelor of Science students.

gamsat for non science background

What about GAMSAT for non-science background students? Well, every year ballerina’s, actors, plumbers, novelists and general humanities students sit the GAMSAT, and many of them pass and receive places. I myself was a humanities student when I spontaneously sat the exam and received a medical place.

Success in the GAMSAT is, very much, about your natural intellectual, logical capabilities. In fact, it could be argued, humanities students have an advantage over non-humanities students. They have the required skill sets to perform strongly in Sections I and II. They can learn, in an allotted period, much of the required knowledge for Section III. So long as they hone their logic skills, their ability to analyse reams of technical scientific information, they stand a good chance of a respectable to good score in Section III. Hence, do not subscribe to the myth that those from a non-science background have no chance to achieve medical entrance.

Here are a few tips to help students worried about being of a non-science background.

  • 50% of the GAMSAT is in your favour.

Half of the GAMSAT is pure science. Equally, half of the GAMSAT involves writing, reading and aesthetic analysis.  This is great news for you. While much of Section I is still quite technical, there are many analysis skills which you can easily bring to bear to assist you in elimination, breaking a text down into it working units, and so forth.

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  • Even science students do not find Section III easy.

Section III is long, complicated, and can even confuse or discombobulate science students. They do not necessarily possess a significant advantage over you. Always remember test-taking skills, logic, and an ability to successfully break text down into smaller and smaller units which you can successfully analyse. This can bring any GAMSAT candidate success, regardless of their background.

If you’d like to learn more about How to study for GAMSAT section 3, then click below to read our post now:

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GAMSAT For Medicine

GAMSAT For Medicine

gamsat for medicine

This is the “main attraction” so to speak. The majority of students sitting the GAMSAT are hoping to achieve graduate entry to medical school.Here are some general pieces of information which may assist those hoping to achieve graduate entry:

  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be measured by considering the last 3 years of the applicant’s undergraduate coursework. It may also include their honours year. Weightings will be applied by weighting the first of the years by 1, the second year by 2 and the final year by 3. If the student is in an honours year then is will count as the final of the three years.
  • Generally students will be required to achieve an overall GAMSAT score of 65-67 to qualify for an interview. Lower scores can attract an interview, however they must be balanced with a high weighted GPA.

If you’re looking to learn the Minimum GAMSAT Cut Off Scores, then click below to download now

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  • Score in any of the three sections should not drop below 50.While certain universities require section scores of above at least 55 it is certain that a student’s individual section scores cannot drop below 50.
  • As per the published entry requirements for the Doctor of Medicine, shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview for this course.The Multi Mini Interview format consists of eight separate interview stations. Each station takes five minutes and comprises several questions on the same topic. The whole interview process will take 50 minutes.All up you will need to be present for a couple of hours for the process to be completed.

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  • Final offers for medical places are based around a combination of the student’s GPA, GAMSAT and interview performance.The process of determination takes around a year, when the time between the GAMSAT and final offers are taken into account.If sitting the September GAMSAT it is important to remember that an offer for an interview will not be received until approximately a year from that time.
  • Each year competition increases for medical places. In the past 15 years the number of students sitting the exam has trebled.In short, students should be aware that they need to try and achieve the highest possible GAMSAT score in order to be competitive.

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GAMSAT Essay Help

GAMSAT Essay Help

Re: GAMSAT Essay Help

gamsat essay help

1. Practice

Writing is a skill that is developed over time. With practice, your brain becomes more accustomed to formulating and articulating arguments under time pressure such that your writing skills improve. Do not leave section 2 until the week before!

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2. Read widely

Given the multitude of possible themes for section 2, it is important that you build your knowledge base. Read about a variety of topics ranging from politics to global warming to fiction novels to ensure that you have a large bank of ideas to fall back on.

3. Plan your essay

Before you start writing, decide upon a thesis for your essay and plan the content of your paragraphs. This will prevent you from any nervous waffling that could confuse your reader and lower your GAMSAT score. 

If you’d like to learn about GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Topics, click below to access now:

Learn about GAMSAT section 2 essay topics 

4. Use a title

Better yet, utilise a captivating title. Let the reader know that you’ve correctly identified the theme and that your essay will be more interesting than the thousands that they’ve read before yours. 

5. Structure

A popular structure is introduction, argument, counterargument, synthesis and conclusion. However, any logical structure is fine provided that it assists the reader in understanding your essay. There is no gold standard. Simply choose one that works for you.

6. Evidence

The best arguments are always backed by evidence. Each paragraph should have at least one example that demonstrates why a particular idea is correct. However, don’t waste your time memorising statistics. The fact that WWI started in 1914 rather than 1915 will not dramatically impact your essay.

7. Be succinct

One hour, two essays: there’s no time to waste. If you’ve made your argument and supported it with evidence, move on. 

8. Grammar

Correct usage of grammar, punctuation and spelling is essential. Extensive errors are distracting for the reader and your GAMSAT score will suffer accordingly. 

9. Write clearly

Ensure that your handwriting is legible. If it can’t be read, it can’t be marked. In any case, it’s good practice for when you get to write your own scripts!

Click below to access all of our free GAMSAT Essay Tips:

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How To Write A Good GAMSAT Essay?

How To Write A Good GAMSAT Essay?

how to write a good gamsat essay

If you’re looking to find out how to write a good GAMSAT essay, you’ve come to the right place. Section II of the GAMSAT is often a stressor for many students due to the pressure of having to produce two high quality essays in just one hour. Even if you are a strong writer. this segment of the GAMSAT can be challenging as it can determine your success or your failure. Here are three top tips to remember when writing a good GAMSAT essay under pressure.

How To Write A Good GAMSAT Essay Tip 1 – PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

The most important part of essay writing definitely lies within the plan. This is especially crucial when you only have a short thirty-minute period to compact all your ideas into a succinct piece of writing. It is important to remember that planning takes time, therefore do not be scared to spend ten to fifteen minutes jotting down the main arguments and associated supporting ideas at the beginning. This will not only provide a clear template for you to follow once you begin writing, but also eliminate any potential ‘mind blanks’ that can occur during your writing period. Note to stick with the plan once you are happy with it!

If you would like our free GAMSAT Essay Study Book, click below to download now:

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How To Write A Good GAMSAT Essay Tip 2 – Keep your arguments SHORT and explanations LONG

A common mistake in section II of the GAMSAT is that candidates spend a big proportion of their essay waffling on and re-wording the same idea repeatedly. Writing an argumentative piece is just like a debate — it does not matter what your argument is, but more importantly why you believe that is the case, and how you convince the audience to take your side. Therefore it is crucial to dedicate a large part of the essay to evidence that can support your arguments to make your essay more convincing to the examiners.

How To Write A Good GAMSAT Essay Tip 3 – Open-minded approach

As a general rule, it is better to keep a reasonably neutral position in most essays because that way you are able to display your ability to view an issue from a multi-faceted approach. Being overly one-sided in an essay can leave the impression that you are narrow-minded and unable to see things from other people’s point of view. Therefore, target the essay topics with an open mind, and show your examiners that you are a critical thinker!

As we all know, practice makes perfect. Hopefully you’ve learnt the basics of how to write a good GAMSAT essay and you can keep these GAMSAT essay tips in mind whilst writing your next practice essay. Good luck!


Here are some additional free resources that may help with your study:

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Is GAMSAT Multiple Choice?

Is GAMSAT Multiple Choice?

is gamsat multiple choice

There are certain misunderstandings about the GAMSAT. People often ask, “It’s so long, does it involve a lot of writing?” Yes, it does, but only for a solid hour which you will find in Section II. The rest of the exam is specifically dedicated to answering multiple choice questions.

So, is the GAMSAT multiple choice? Yes, for sure!

Here are a number of tips:

  1. You will be answering questions pertaining to a stimulus, four options which will apply, A-D.

It is important to remember that two of the four answers are definitely incorrect. You should spend the first 20 seconds of the question eliminating these clearly incorrect options. The majority of your time will be spent discerning which of the remaining two is the MOST correct. 

  1. You will be required to do calculations derived from the multiple choice questions you are given.

Even though the questions are multiple choice questions there is still a physics component which will require you to perform calculations. You will do perhaps two to three steps in these calculations and pick the option which represents the most correct answer.

If you would like a free GAMSAT practice test for section 3, then click below now:

GAMSAT Practice Test Free Download PDF

  1. Multiple choice questions are frequently structured as trick questions.

Due to the fact that there are many options presented, a frequent trend found in ACER GAMSAT questions is to have a number of “trick” options inserted. This can of course be frustrating, but if you are aware that 3 out of 4 options can be specifically designed to mislead you, this will help you in both your preparation and execution on the day. 


  1. Pick the odd one out.

A good thing to keep in mind is that many times the correct option is simply the one which does not “fit” with the other three. Always try to use this as a guide.

  1. “Always pick C” is just a myth.

Every year students are told that if they just pick “A” or “B” or whatever option seems to be popular that year, they are likely to get the majority of answers correct. This is a rather ridiculous rumour and rest-assured ACER is well aware of such notions floating around and will make plans to oppose such an eventuality.

6. Don’t spend too much time on one question. 

If you are unsure, mark a question that you think MAY be correct and MOVE ON… come back to it later (if you have time). 

Here’s some additional free resources that may help with your study:

Download Our Free GAMSAT Essay Bible

GAMSAT Section 2 Quote Generator

Minimum GAMSAT Cut Off Scores

What Is The Highest GAMSAT Score

What Is The Highest GAMSAT Score?

From: Lindsay
Re: What Is The Highest GAMSAT Score?

what is the highest gamsat score

This is a great topic to go over mainly to dispel myths which can develop over time. A favourite of mine is the magical student who scored 100 for Section III. I have never met such a student. I have only rarely heard of such a student.  In a given year, of the thousands who sit the exam, it is possible that such students may pop up from time to time, but not in numbers which are worth exploring.

You are extremely unlikely to score 100 is any of the sections. The exam is not designed for this. In fact, hoping for, or expecting an unrealistically high score is counter-productive. Of the hundreds of students I have tutored the absolute best scored is an 84 in Section III, and only after hundreds of hour of practice and drilling on GAMSAT questions. In short, do not go in with such expectations for yourself. It makes the most sense to concentrate on the following king of configuration of marks for yourself, in terms of highest GAMSAT score. 

Section I:  Given the most students sitting the exam come from a science background it is most likely that this will be your weakest section. Given the interpretive, arguable subjective element which can be found in some of your analysis it is best to be realistic in your assessment of what will be your “best score”.  Expect a score somewhere in the late 60s, maybe early 70s.

Section II:  Though you might not think it, this section is easier to do well in than is Section I. The secret to this understanding and applying the formula for a successful GAMSAT essay. Realistically, if you are able to understand and apply this then then you are guaranteed a score from the early 70s all the way up to the early 80s. There is naturally a subjective element in how you are assessed, and you may get lucky or unlucky with your marker. Having said that, the closer you can stick to the formula, the more likely you are to achieve a score in the maximum range.

You can download your free essay bible Here –

Section III:  Here you have a very good chance of getting a high score. Realistically a high score in this section will be between 75 and 85.  You are unlikely to have the time, the focus, the energy, to complete the section with a perfect score. If you would like to get your Free Section 3 test, then click below:

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Study For GAMSAT In 30 Days

Study For GAMSAT In 30 Days

GAMSAT is no joke! If you’re intending to prepare for the GAMSAT in just 30 days, bearing in mind the magnitude of difficulty of the exam, then consider the following commitment as your new best friend.

30 days may seem impossible at first, but remember this means that you still have 720 hours!

And, that is A LOT! Stay positive as we go through some strategies for this intense month of study. The list below will outline what you can do in the last four weeks but you don’t have to strictly abide by it. Feel free to make alternations and make it suit your strengths and weaknesses.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 1

• Register for the exam. I know that you may not need reminding, but some people still forget this step. If you’re planning to sit the exam in September, the registrations open on mid May and close around the 23rd of July. If you read this by the time July 23 has passed, then you still have until early August to register for the next GAMSAT (held in March). However, you’ll have to pay for an additional fee.

• We recommend that you purchase some GAMSAT test preparation books and reading materials for sections 1, 2 and 3. You have to learn how to cruise your way through section 2 as not preparing will throw you off-guard in the actual sitting. Trust me; Section 2 is not your typical university essay writing.

To get your free essay writing guide, click below to download now:
Free Essay Study Book

• Do a diagnostic test. Try answering the some sample GAMSAT questions. In this way, you can gauge what level you’re currently in and know which section you’re weak in.

• After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can finally move on to making your time management chart. This step is very important since this will determine whether you’ll pass the exam (not kidding). Over preparing for one section might steal all the preparation time that you should have allotted for the other sections.

• Mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming in the next weeks.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 2

• Aha, and so it begins. Begin revising your weakest subject based on your scores in the diagnostic test. Start reading the books which you purchased last week. Follow your time management chart!

• Fine tune your weakest section (whether this is 1, 2 or 3). How? By reading and understanding the actual GAMSAT topics that will most likely come out in the actual GAMSAT exam sitting.

• Practice answering questions (or writing essays) related to the section and do it in timed conditions. We recommend that you use our Free GAMSAT quote generator, to access our unlimited database of GAMSAT essay quotes and questions.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 3

• Start studying for your 2nd weakest section. Learn what kind of questions (or quotes if you have section 2 as your 2nd weakest) you will be asked, methods of solving, and the amount of time that you need to answer each question.

Answer practice questions and review your incorrect answers. Remember to do this in timed conditions as well.

• If you still have ‘N’ days left before the week ends, move on to the next section (relatively the easiest section for you).

• I recommend the same steps: learn the components, answer practice questions and review your incorrect answers.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 4

• Do a practice test containing all section 1, 2 and 3 (this can either be the diagnostic test you took before or a new one). Clear out distractions and eliminate any noise. Pretend you’re in the actual sitting.

• How was it? Did you get better scores? Evaluate yourself.

• If you think that you can still do better, then go back to where you went wrong and review it one last time.

• Lastly, eat healthy food and get lots of sleep before the actual exam sitting.

Remember: You don’t have to strictly follow all of them (except the time management chart that you made). If you can do all the GAMSAT preparation before the first week ends, then you can start revising for the three sections.