Section 1 GAMSAT Preparation – Advice For Success!

Re: Section 1 GAMSAT preparation Advice

Section 1 GAMSAT preparation Advice

Let’s have a closer look at some section 1 GAMSAT preparation advice. Section 1 GAMSAT is probably the hardest section to prepare for due to its unpredictable nature. 75 MCQ in 100 minutes allow for little to no time for anybody to sift through paragraphs after paragraphs of tangled words and sentences. Furthermore, section 1 of the GAMSAT would be the most difficult section to prepare for within a short period of time.

Section 1 GAMSAT preparation is crucial! Preparation for this section is essentially about strengthening your reading and comprehension skills. The most intimidating portion of the exam for most people is reading long complicated texts and not being unable to comprehend the content fully.

Therefore the best way to get started is to improve your vocabulary. Setting weekly reading goals and consistently working through some difficult practice questions is a great starting point for section 1 GAMSAT preparation.

section 1 gamsat preparation

The selection of literacy materials is also important in your section 1 GAMSAT preparation. Pick short texts encompassing a wide range of writing styles, including plenty of poetry, classical texts, short stories, newspaper articles as well as graphic cartoons and media. Read broadly – dip into the worlds of psychology, sociology and philosophy. Practice interpreting your materials and give a general breakdown in regards to the tone, contention, characterisations and dialogues.

You can read one of our other blogs to find out the recommended GAMSAT books to read.

Skim reading is also worth practicing especially if you are not a speedy reader. This would definitely come in handy under stress on D-Day. Practice skimming through a piece of writing under time constraint, summarise it to yourself before going back to read it a second time, comparing how much information you have missed and whether your summary encompasses the key points of the passage.

If you are not a keen reader, section 1 GAMSAT preparation may be a big challenge, however be sure to start low, go slow, and take your time. Good luck!


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GAMSAT Exam Day – The Most Important Thing!

Re: GAMSAT Exam Day – The Most Important Thing!


gamsat exam day

Being in the right state of mind is potentially the most important thing you can do on the GAMSAT exam day. Without a good mindset, the long draining day of writing essays and answering questions can lead to early burnouts, and consequently resulting in things falling apart at the most crucial moments. Mental fatigue is inevitable when immense concentration is needed for such extended periods of time, however having good strategies to push through those will take you a step closer to success.

So what is the right state of mind? Ideally you would want to be slightly elevated, pumped for the challenge and walking into the stadium with positivity and reasonable expectations. Know that your preparations and hard work will pay off, and at the end of the day educated guesses go a long way.

Do NOT panic when encountering difficult questions or unfamiliar essay prompts, the exam is not designed for individuals to easily complete. Breathe and try again, then move on and never look back (unless you have spare time). Do not let the stress of one question carry on and build up to affect later performances!

Concentrate on what is immediately in front of you. Not the bathroom line, the time, the staff members or the people around you. If you are fatigued, close your eyes for a few seconds and take a deep breath, add in a quick mental prep talk and continue marching on.

The GAMSAT is already as stressful as it is, the last thing you want is to burden yourself with unnecessary emotions and panic. Pack your minds with feel-good thoughts, be your own cheerleader for the day and whenever your mind starts to wonder, allow the fatigue to be washed over by confidence in your own abilities. Rest assured that no matter what the result, you are trying your best and at that moment, that is all you need!

Be sure to bookmark this page and read it one day for the GAMSAT exam day!

– Joyce

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how long is the gamsat

GAMSAT Preparation Time – How Much Time Do You Need?

Re: GAMSAT Preparation Time

GAMSAT Preparation Time

When preparing for a test as daunting and as important as the GAMSAT, one of the most important questions is how much time should be dedicated towards preparing for the big day?

The preparation time needed for the GAMSAT varies drastically between each individual depending on what course background you come from as well as your ability to learn and retain information. Some individuals start preparation years before the exam, where others may spend just a few months, even weeks! However the bottom line is that it is truly never too late to start!

If you’ve just started your GAMSAT prep, we highly recommend that you download our Free GAMSAT Mock Exam.

A steady paced preparation starting around six months prior to the exam allows ample time to approach the content in a systematic manner and is always a good place to start. If you were to leave all the GAMSAT preparation until a few weeks prior to the exam, there would be plenty of panic involved alongside your chaotic preparation. However it is also important to note that it is the efficiency that ultimately matters, and if you are someone who learns much better under a stressful situation, then perhaps you would gain more out of the last month of intensive revision rather than a slow paced study period over six months.

Lastly, it is not just the GAMSAT preparation time, rather it is the approach that also determines how successful your preparation can be. Large amount of time spent rote learning physics formulas or writing long aimless essays are time wasted that could be put to better use. Before dedicating large blocks of GAMSAT preparation time into study, you need to work out your weaknesses, what can be improved on, set a goal for yourself and methods of reaching that goal efficiently before undertaking any tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning for your GAMSAT preparation time now!

Good luck,


Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation

Re: Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation

last minute gamsat preparation

At the end of months of preparation you are staring down your final few days before the exam.  The question raises itself:  Have I finished my prep?  Surely, you say to yourself, it is unlikely that I will learn anything fresh at this point. Last minute GAMSAT preparation is still an option, so don’t be in a huge hurry to wrap everything up. 

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 1 – You can always engage in a quick spot of rote learning.

Certain aspects of the GAMSAT involve rote learning.  You can sit an memorise all of the rules which come along with the IUPAC naming system for instance, or remind yourself of the steps involved in the Calvin-Benson Cycle.  These areas are not too hard to master, and remember it is certainly possible that in your rush to cover all of the syllabus you may have neglected these relatively simple areas.

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 2 – You can always brush up on your essay writing technique.

There is always room for improvement in your essay writing.  You can brush up elements such as structure, how to integrate quotes, or how to introduce evidence at any time, even days before the exam.  Here is the link for our quote generator which should give you lots of topics to write on.

GAMSAT Quote Generator –

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 3 – A topical revision is always an option.

Even though you may no longer have the time to do detailed revision of a given topic area, don’t assume you don’t have time to go through all of the key topics of the exam on the days before.  This will certainly give you the chance to jog your memory, to isolate possible areas of weakness, to know where you are still feeling confidant and strong.

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 4 – Biodata, Biodata, Biodata

Preparation for biodata questions is much more about practice of doing them, the skill required to interpret the information provided, than it is strictly about learning theory.  In this respect you can single out biodata units right up until the last minute to work through. 

I hope you’ve gained some valuable knowledge for your Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation.



GAMSAT Interview Questions – What To Expect In The MMI’s?

Re: GAMSAT Interview Questions

GAMSAT Interview Questions

gamsat interview questions

Well done! You’ve made it through all of your preparation, you’ve aced your exam, you’ve waited all this time for a response from the medical school of your choice. Now you finally have your invitation to be interviewed by the medical school. But what does that mean, what does the interview actually look like? What kinds of questions can you expect for the GAMSAT interview questions? 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 1: Remember why you are there.

Even before you get to the gamsat interview questions themselves its important to get yourself centered and motivated. Why are you so far into your campaign to attend medical school? What is the major motivation in you doing so? Answering these questions will give you a big boost on the day.

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 2: Understand the MMI format

The interviews are conducted based on what is known as the Mini Multiple Interview format. In this format you will go from one group of interviewers to another and cover a wide range of topics such as your motivation for sitting the GAMSAT, why it is your intention in becoming a doctor, what do you see as your role in the medical field going forward, and how would you respond in a variety of medical scenarios. In the MMI, short-listed applicants will be invited to participate in Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) which consists of eight separate interview stations. Each station will take five minutes and members of the panel will ask several questions on the same topic. The duration of the process is around 50 minutes. In this situation lots of people form lots of impressions of you, and the overall impression is arrived on through discussion. 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 3: Be prepared for variety in the interview setting.

At each station, applicants will be interviewed by people from various backgrounds. They will be practicing doctors, other health professionals, medical students, even members of the public. In addition to this you will need to engage with a variety of hypothetical situations which may seem intellectually and emotionally challenging. Don’t get intimidated. Remember, a good doctor would always be able to deal with stress and variety as a part of a given day. 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 4: Be Yourself.

Doctors come in all shapes and sizes, different ages, different temperaments. Remember to be yourself and really show your passion for a medical career.

If you haven’t received your offer yet, you can check out our free minimum gamsat scores pdf.

Best of success!


GAMSAT Preparation Advice For Beginners

GAMSAT Preparation Advice

Re: GAMSAT Preparation Advice For Beginners

GAMSAT Preparation Advice – Understanding — and Beating! — GAMSAT
In order to make it to medical and dental programs offered in Australian and UK learning institutions, candidates need to clear a hurdle in the form of the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test. Also known as GAMSAT, this entrance exam is administered by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) as a means to determine if a candidate is eligible for admission to higher Graduate Entry Programmes.

Students can sit the GAMSAT anytime during their University degree. GAMSAT results will be valid for two years and students must have completed ANY bachelor degree (3 years minimum) before starting their medical / dental degrees. Students can sit the GAMSAT whilst still studying their bachelor’s degree.

GAMSAT Registration

Registration is the first step in the GAMSAT entrance exam process and involves going to the ACER website ( if a candidate is from Australia or to the GAMSAT UK website ( for candidates based in the UK. 

The annual GAMSAT is held every March in Australia, while in UK it is held every September. This yearly schedule works well for candidates as they get two opportunities to pass the test, and exam results from either GAMSAT sitting are considered valid for both Australian or UK university applications. Students in Australia can still sit the UK exam in September.

After registration comes the crucial stage: preparation for the exam. Truth is, taking the GAMSAT isn’t going to be easy. It is taken under pressure and it generally puts to the test a candidate’s reasoning skills far more than his or her stock of knowledge.

Reviewing for the GAMSAT requires familiarisation of the 3 sections of the test.

Preparing For GAMSAT Section I

Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences – In this section, written media in various forms are presented to the candidate who is tasked to make proper interpretation, analysis, and judgment of said media which may take the form of prose, poetry, logic puzzles, tables and graphs, etc.

Candidates are given 100 minutes to complete 75 multiple choice questions with an additional 10 minutes reading time (110 minutes total). Candidates therefore have 1.33 minutes to complete each question in section 1. Each question consists of 4 answer choices A, B, C, and D.

When working through this section students should aim to cross out the incorrect answers when trying to determine the correct answer choice. In many cases you can cross out at least 1-2 answers. This will increase the probability that you make a good guess even when you are not completely sure of the correct answer.

We have developed two outstanding strategies that will help you select the correct answer for all multiple choice questions:

  • The AceGAMSAT Elimination Strategy
  • The AceGAMSAT Guessing Strategy

These strategies are covered in detail in our GAMSAT Home Study Course.

An important thing to keep in mind for this section is that practice is the fastest way to improve your ability. Practising GAMSAT-like questions is crucial to your success in this section.

We recommend that you practice all questions from the 5 ACER booklets (found on the ACER website) as some questions have been repeated from previous years. The ACER questions are limited in number (there are less than 300), so we recommend that you utilise our thousands of practice questions found in our study materials.

As the saying goes – ‘practice makes perfect’! Practising as many questions as possible (with proven strategies and techniques) and checking the solutions for all questions is the best way to achieve a great score in this section.

Section I additional resources:

Free section 1 GAMSAT sample questions

How to improve section 1 of the GAMSAT

Preparing For GAMSAT Section II

Written Communication – As its name suggests, this section is about written communication skills assessment where candidates are required to write essays on each of two sets of quotes presented to them. Each essay will surround a common theme which is presented in 5 given quotes.

Candidates are required to write two essays in 60 minutes, with 5 minutes additional reading time. It is commonsense to spend 30 minutes on each essay in this section.

You can download your Free GAMSAT Essay Bible which will teach you everything for Section 2 essay writing.

gamsat physics syllabus

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Recommended readings for S1 and S2

The readings below can help improve your ability in Section 1 and Section 2, however, this should only account for approximately 10-20% of your study time. The remaining 80-90% of your study time should be spent on learning the most effective strategies and most importantly PRACTISING!

In other words, practising GAMSAT-like multiple choice questions for S1 and practising your essay writing for S2 and receiving feedback (either from a friend, a tutor, or a professional essay marking service) should be your main focus when preparing for these sections.

gamsat reading tips

One of the best books for generating essay ideas for Section 2 is called The Meaning of Things by Ace Grayling.

Another great book to read is called 50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupre.

Ted Talks can also be extremely helpful for generating great ideas to use in your essays –

Section II additional resources:

GAMSAT essay tips

GAMSAT section 2 essay topics

GAMSAT section 2 topics

GAMSAT section 2 help

How to study for GAMSAT section 2

Preparing For GAMSAT Section III

Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences – This section of the exam deals with biology and physical sciences that include chemistry and physics. To fare well here, candidates’ physics knowledge needs to be up to year 12 level and their aptitude with the other sciences (biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry) at par with first year university level. As is generally true about the GAMSAT, reasoning skills play a big part here where understanding — not memorisation — of key concepts is what matters.

The more comfortable candidates are in all areas of the biological and physical sciences and the better their understanding of how one concept fits in to the whole scheme of things, the higher their chances are of acing this section.

Candidates are required to complete 110 multiple choice questions in 170 minutes, with 10 minutes additional reading time (180 minutes total). Students therefore have 1.545 minutes to complete each question in section 3.

Note: The only break in the GAMSAT is between section 2 and 3. This break is for one hour.

Section III additional resources:

GAMSAT section 3 preparation tips

GAMSAT section 3 syllabus

Example of GAMSAT questions for section 3

Gearing Up for Exam Day

Registered candidates can expect to hear from ACER via email two weeks before the GAMSAT exam date. The message will include details about the exam venue as well as the candidate’s test admission ticket. Knowing how to get to the venue would be a natural first concern, so it’s best to take care of that at the outset.

The eve of the exam should be about total relaxation — both physical and mental — capped off by a tight and pleasant sleep. Don’t make the mistake of cramming or doing last-minute review sessions. Instead, drop everything that has to do with the GAMSAT and just restfully drift to deep slumber so you’d wake up refreshed and nicely-charged the next morning. Start your day with a filling and satisfying breakfast to ensure that you pack the energy needed later in the day for your exam. Make no room for stress and nervousness by being on time at the venue and maybe initiating light conversation with fellow examinees, or even simply reading away the lull moments as you await the start of the test.

Also, don’t forget to bring the following:

– 3 or more hard & black (HB) pencils

– 2 black or blue trusty pens

– a sharpener and an eraser

– a bottle of water

– your exam admission ticket

– a valid ID, which could be a passport or driver’s license

– your own packed lunch (examinees are given an hour-long break after Section II which is ample time to have a meal)

Your GAMSAT Exam Results

Exam results are usually released after 2 months. Candidates are contacted by ACER through email where a link to your results online is indicated. On the results page both the candidate’s section and overall scores are presented as well as a graph that depicts how your scores compare to other examinees’.

We have created another blog post which covers the exam success rate in the GAMSAT and shows an example of the results chart given to candidates. Find Out The GAMSAT Success Rate Now

Entering Medical School

The GAMSAT is only one of few criteria medical schools require candidates to meet for application eligibility. The other two are a candidate’s undergraduate GPA and interview results. Interviews, however, are not universally required and there are some institutions that look only at a candidate’s GPA and GAMSAT score.

View the Minimum Scores for GAMSAT entry here:

It would help, nonetheless, to talk a bit about how a medical school application interview goes.

The Interview in a Nutshell

After meeting a medical school’s GPA and GAMSAT criteria, candidates can expect to attend a series of Mini Interviews (MMI). Dressing appropriately should help a candidate score well on the first-impression department.

But of course, initial impressions can go well beyond how a candidate is attired, so projecting calm and confidence as you and your interviewers exchange introductions is always a good thing. Make sure you manifest those traits in your body language, your manners of expression, and by keeping good eye contact while sitting up straight. Being “with them,” so to speak, throughout the entire MMI session is a good sign that you don’t stumble under pressure.

Communication skills are another skill set that interviewers will be closely watching. Maintain eye contact the whole time while making sure you don’t speak either too slow or too fast, and don’t be afraid to take a moment to quickly ponder on questions or ask for clarification before answering.

The interview can go notches higher in terms of difficulty once interviewers start engaging the candidate in various activities designed to assess his or her ability to interpret and communicate ideas and opinions. But this is no reason for panic. Make it part of your preparation to be conversant with global events, especially medical-related concerns, and couple this with your being a “natural” at Sections I and II of the GAMSAT and you will be fine.

Best of success!

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gamsat preparation advice

How Long is the GAMSAT?

Re: How Long is the GAMSAT?

How Long Is The GAMSAT?

While it might seem a simple question to answer, “How long is the GAMSAT”, it really depends on how you measure the time it takes to sit it. Realistically most of your day will be given up to the exam. You will wake early, travel in to the exam venue, and not be finished until late afternoon or early evening. You will of course have breaks. There is approximately 15 minutes between Sections I and II, and approximately 1 hour between Sections II and III. Here are the specifics of the length of each section.

How Long Is The GAMSAT Section I?

This section is made up of 75 questions for which you will be given 100 minutes to complete. Please be aware of the fact that it takes time to get set up, to enter the hall, and it should be up to 10-15 minutes between you sitting down and then finally being able to start the section.

How to improve section 1 of the GAMSAT

Section 1 GAMSAT sample questions

How Long Is The GAMSAT Section II?

Following your break, you will return for the following section. This will be comprised of two essays written over 60 minutes. A typical question I hear is “can I write longer on one essay than the other?” The answer is obviously no. Give yourself the best chance of a strong score in both of the essays and write for 30 minutes on each of them.

GAMSAT section 2 essay topics

GAMSAT section 2 help

GAMSAT essay tips

GAMSAT section 2 topics

How Long Is The GAMSAT Section III?

Following a lunch break of around an hour, you will come back for Section III. This section is comprised of 110 questions which are to be completed over 170 minutes (just under 3 hours). Make no mistake, this part of the exam will be the toughest. You will be tired. The range of topics you will cover will be dizzying. You may well be burned out by this time in the day. It is of course imperative you keep pushing on.

GAMSAT section 3 preparation tips

How to study for GAMSAT section 3

Example of GAMSAT questions for section 3

GAMSAT section 3 syllabus

All up the GAMSAT represents, breaks included, a roughly 7-hour investment of time. Taking into account travel time to and from, it is a full day.

On a final note, if you would like a free gamsat mock test, then click below now:

how long is the gamsat


GAMSAT Revision Checklist

GAMSAT Revision Checklist

As was mentioned in previous posts, it is important to technically “over-prepare” for an exam such as the GAMSAT. Year to year it can vary in terms of content, particularly for Section III. Sometimes the focus might be on organic chemistry questions, sometimes the focus will very much be on biodata questions. You need to be sure, in your GAMSAT revision checklist that you are covering everything, that all the bases are covered.

1.  1. Do not neglect to expose yourself to lots of vocabulary in preparation for Sections I and II.
Section I will have plenty of questions featuring sophisticated vocabulary. Similarly for Section II remember that you will need to demonstrate a sophisticated vocabulary in your writing. There are number of resources online which can assist you with this vocabulary-building. These resources are covered in our previous blog post – Tips for GAMSAT

2. Try to be sure to write 30 essays for practice by the time you sit the exam.
The breadth of material you will need to be able to address for Section II is considerable. So to is the required depth of your insights. All considered, it is advisable for you to expose yourself to as wide a range of topics as is feasible in the lead up to the exam. Be sure to check out our Free GAMSAT Essay Question Generator

GAMSAT Quote Generator

3. Be sure to do a top to bottom revision of all key conceptual aspects of organic chemistry.
Organic chemistry is probably the topic area which can benefit most from rote learning. There is a certain level of knowledge expected, approximate to what would be found in 1st year University level science. A lot of this knowledge should be at your fingertips on the day of the exam so but sure to give yourself a good 3 weeks to work through all of the key material for organic chemistry. You can see the entire syllabus topic list for section 3 here – GAMSAT Science Syllabus

4. Revise all of cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
Just like the organic chemistry material, be aware of the fact that the depth of knowledge required in biochemistry for Section III is quite extensive. Krebs Cycle, Calvin Benson Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, etc. Give yourself at least a month to ensure you have worked through everything and that there is never a situation where you notice a clear gap in your knowledge. Embrace the fact that this topic involves extensive rote learning. Our extensive series of GAMSAT Resources cover everything you need for all three sections of the GAMSAT.

Finally, if you would like to get your hands on our free gamsat practice test, then click below now:

gamsat revision checklist


Sitting The GAMSAT – Key Tips For Success!

Re: Sitting The GAMSAT

Sitting The GAMSAT

When it comes to sitting the GAMSAT, the actual experience of it, there are a number of natural points of anxiety for students. Have I prepared adequately? Am I using my time effectively? Are there any gaps in my knowledge which I have not yet accounted for?

All of these questions will race through your mind. Above all else it is necessary to remember that the anxieties you are experiencing are shared by many of those around you.  Also, to a certain degree, they represent things which are outside of your control. For instance, “Have I prepared adequately?” Well, you have likely prepared the best you could up until that time. No one knows what will be on the exam. You may have been thorough in your preparation.  Maybe you will get lucky with a particular array of questions. Maybe you will get unlucky. Either way, worrying about previous preparation when you are in the middle of your exam will not really help. It will more likely hinder your performance. On the basis of this here are a few key tips for sitting the GAMSAT.

  • Always be aware that this is a performance. Just like an athletic performance, or perhaps a dance performance, or being in a play, you must marshal your emotional, intellectual and physical resources to get through the exam. You must maintain focus the whole day, keep your energy levels up, be sure to monitor your progress.
  • Break your performance down into 30-minute increments. Be sure you are maintaining your pace, getting through everything, allotting appropriate time to the more difficult questions. When this is done, be sure to do a quick recap on your performance, and in turn prepare for the next 30 minute increment.
  • Don’t burn out. Try not to expend all of your mental energy early on, barreling through questions only to feel fatigued and unfocused in the second half of the day. It is about your performance as a whole!
  • Utilise appropriate revision resources. An excellent example would be to sit the following mock exam:

S3 GAMSAT Practice Test

By sitting this GAMSAT Mock Exam and checking all worked solutions, you will have a much more secure sense of what your relative strengths and weaknesses are.

If you’re sitting the GAMSAT within the next 6 months, it’s time to really knuckle down!

How to Pass GAMSAT – Learn The Strategies For Success

Re: How To Pass GAMSAT

How To Pass GAMSAT – Learn Now!

how to pass gamsat

Let’s learn how to pass GAMSAT! The GAMSAT is never less than intimidating.  It is long, it is exhausting, it is ultra-competitive. You prepare for months and months, yet sometimes it seems things just don’t come together. Be encouraged. There are ways in which you can pass the GAMSAT. In fact this blog is all about how to pass GAMSAT.

  1. It may not work out the first time.
    Many people sit the GAMSAT multiple times. Do not be discouraged if your first effort is not your best. It is easy to fall for the trap of focusing too much on a given section at the expense of others. A successful GAMSAT effort is a balancing act, your preparation reinforcing your natural skills, and hopefully blending well with the material presented to you on the day. 
  1. Understand that your goal should be to get the highest score possible.
    A student of mine from several years ago had a 65, was a healthcare professional, and slaved over their application. They did not receive an interview. Why? The score was good, everything seemed in order for them getting an interview. You cannot make such assumptions. Rather than aiming for, let’s say, a 65 overall, be aware that such scores can go up and down year by year. You will more likely be assessed based on the percentile in which you fall. For this reason it is important to aim for the highest score possible. The secret to this is making sure you cover everything in your preparation. 
  1. Don’t get complacent.
    Another student of mine had scored in the 70s in Section III the first time they sat the exam. We worked on Section I and II extensively, but the student was adamant they did not need to do any preparation for Section III. As expected, while their Section I and II marks improved about 15 points each, their Section III mark slipped to a 58. The lesson on how to pass GAMSAT:  Don’t get complacent.
  1. Overprepare
    Another lesson I’ve learned about GAMSAT preparation is that you cannot “game” the GAMSAT. You never know what will appear, so be sure to prepare for everything. Years ago I sat a GAMSAT course with a preparatory organisation I will not name. Needless to say, it was a major one of its time. During the course we were assured there would be “5 questions on Mendel’s Laws”, “3 on Tautomerism” and so forth, none of which turned out to be accurate. Lesson, preparing for everything, not rationalising in your preparation is the way to guarantee success.