GAMSAT vs UMAT – What Is The Difference?



gamsat vs umat

Let’s explore GAMSAT vs UMAT… For a number of you this will be your second attempt at achieving entrance to medical school. For some it will be their second attempt at the GAMSAT. Just as likely it will be the case that many of your have already sat the UMAT, and due to achieving scores below the cutoff are now attempting the GAMSAT in your post-Year 12 attempt at medical entrance. So now for the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that if you sat the UMAT you have a much greater chance of achieving entrance through the GAMSAT. 1 in 7 GAMSAT students achieve medical entrance. 1 in around 16 achieve entrance through the UMAT.  So, the odds are now in your favour.

The bad news is that the GAMSAT is more than twice as long as the UMAT, and is considerably more difficult in terms of its content.

Focusing again on the good news, remember that you only need a score of 65-70 to be offered an interview.  In contrast your overall score for the UMAT would need to be much, much higher. 

Let’s focus now on the key differences between the GAMSAT & UMAT.

  1. There is no major focus on spatial intelligence in the GAMSAT.
    Section Three of the UMAT focuses on you utilising your spatial intelligence to solve a number of sequencing puzzles. You will not need to focus on this so much for the GAMSAT. There will be puzzles which will require some spatial intelligence, but typically you are given a key to interpret what the symbols or spatial orientations you are provided with suggest.
  1. There is no longer a major focus on emotional intelligence.
    You will have needed, in section two of the UMAT, to demonstrate strong emotional intelligence as you attempt to decipher the subtexts of a variety of interpersonal scenarios.  While this may prove useful in certain dialogue questions for section one of the GAMSAT, you will not need to be as “in-depth” in your analysis of the motivation and emotional choices of the subjects of these dialogues. A major challenge of the UMAT is putting yourself in such particular emotional situations, and attempting to understand people’s motives.  You will not be faced with this challenge on the GAMSAT.
  1. You will be provided with more contextual information on the GAMSAT.
    A final major benefit is that you will often, with each unit be given a wealth of information to work with to help in your interpretation and comprehension of questions.  This is a major benefit for both sections one and three for the GAMSAT over the UMAT.

I hope you now have a better idea about GAMSAT vs UMAT. You can download your GAMSAT sample exam for free, by clicking the link below.

I wish you the best of success in your medical future!

GAMSAT Essay Question Generator – Unlimited Free Access!

From: Matthew
Re: GAMSAT Essay Question Generator

GAMSAT Essay Question Generator

gamsat essay question generator

For section two an obvious challenge is that you must determine what the intended topic of an essay will be from a quote you read on that topic. Sometimes the connection between the quote, usually made by a celebrity, politician, or famous writer or thinker, and the topic is obvious.  At other times the relationship might be a bit more murky.  The simple solution to this is to engage with quotes on a regular basis.  Sometimes their style may be archaic.  At other times it is possible that they may in fact give clues as to how to approach the essay.  Regardless, a valuable online resource you can access is our free GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator.

GAMSAT Essay Question Generator –

From this link you will be able to access a wide variety of quotes of the kinds which have been discussed above. It is, as with all parts of the GAMSAT, essential that you become as familiar as possible with the particularities of the GAMSAT format, and used to the sometimes obscure nature of the quotes you are provided with. Here are a brief few suggestions on working with quotes.

  1. It is not essential to use all of the quotes provided for a given essay.

There is a tendency among students to try to use all quotes in provided in their essays.  Frequently they incorporate the actual quotes into the body of their essay. This is certainly an option, however it is worth remembering you are unlikely to receive extra marks for this. They may assist you in terms of helping you shape your ideas.  However, do remember that they are meant to be a guide and an inspiration, not merely concept which you parrot back to the marker.  I would argue that the most effective use of quotes would involve you taking a maximum of two, then paraphrasing them when you incorporate them into your essay. 

  1. Try to use quotes as hints on how to structure your essay. 

Each quote will often contain a particular bias or perspective on a topic.  Naturally you do not need to write to this bias. However, it is worth remembering that if you do not in fact have a strong view on the topic yourself, then it is well worth borrowing the bias and perspective from the quote itself. From here you may work to consider what are the general ideas which would make such a bias seem plausible. In short, you may develop a particular train of thought and argumentation from a quote once you have successfully identified its perspective and bias.

Thanks for reading this post! Don’t forget to access your free Gamsat essay question generator!

Access Now – GAMSAT Random Quote Generator

GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions – Attempt Now Free!

Re: GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions

GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions

Here are the previous Gamsat section 1 sample questions for Unit 1 – GAMSAT Questions Unit 1

GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions – Unit 2

Read the following passages (1-2) about old shelters. Answer the questions (1-6).

Passage 1

When the first settlers landed on American shores, the difficulties in finding or making shelter must have seemed ironical as well as almost unbearable. The colonists found a land magnificent with forest trees of every size and variety, but they had no sawmills, and few saws to cut boards; there was plenty of clay and ample limestone on every side, yet they could have no brick and no mortar; grand boulders of granite and rock were everywhere, yet there was not a single facility for cutting, drawing, or using stone. These homeless men, so sorely in need of immediate shelter, were baffled by pioneer conditions, and had to turn to many poor expedients, and be satisfied with rude covering. In Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and, possibly, other states, some reverted to an ancient form of shelter: they became cave-dwellers; caves were dug in the side of a hill, and lived in till the settlers could have time to chop down and cut up trees for log houses. Cornelis VanTienhoven, Secretary of the Province of New Netherland, gives a description of these cave-dwellings, and says that “the wealthy and principal men in New England lived in this fashion for two reasons: first, not to waste time building; second, not to discourage poorer laboring people.” It is to be doubted whether wealthy men ever lived in them in New England, but Johnson, in his _Wonder-working Providence_, written in 1645, tells of the occasional use of these “smoaky homes.” They were speedily abandoned, and no records remain of permanent cave-homes in New England. In Pennsylvania caves were used by newcomers as homes for a long time, certainly half a century. They generally were formed by digging into the ground about four feet in depth on the banks or low cliffs near the river front. The walls were then built up of sods or earth laid on poles or brush; thus half only of the chamber was really under ground. If dug into a side hill, the earth formed at least two walls. The roofs were layers of tree limbs covered over with sod, or bark, or rushes and bark. The chimneys were laid of cobblestone or sticks of wood mortared with clay and grass. The settlers were thankful even for these poor shelters, and declared that they found them comfortable. By 1685 many families were still living in caves in Pennsylvania, for the Governor’s Council then ordered the caves to be destroyed and filled in. Sometimes the settler used the cave for a cellar for the wooden house which he built over it.

Passage 2

The first and most natural way of lighting the houses of the American colonists, both in the North and South, was by the pine-knots of the fat pitch-pine, which, of course, were found everywhere in the greatest plenty in the forests. Governor John Winthrop the younger, in his communication to the English Royal Society in 1662, said this candle-wood was much used for domestic illumination in Virginia, New York, and New England. It was doubtless gathered everywhere in new settlements, as it has been in pioneer homes till our own day. In Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont it was used till this century. In the Southern states the pine-knots are still burned in humble households for lighting purposes, and a very good light they furnish.

(Home Life in Colonial Days Earle, Alice Morse) 

Question 1
Which option does NOT support the comment ‘must have seemed ironical’, in passage 1?

A ‘…grand boulders of granite and rock were everywhere, yet there was not a single facility for cutting, drawing, or using stone.’
B ‘there was plenty of clay and ample limestone […], yet they could have no brick and no mortar.’
C ‘These homeless men, so sorely in need of immediate shelter, […] had to turn to many poor expedients.’
D ‘The colonists found a land magnificent with forest trees of every size and variety, but they had no sawmills.’

Question 2
Which option is TRUE about cave dwellings?

A They enjoyed dwindling popularity in Pennsylvania.
B Settlers in Pennsylvania used these shelters for a short time.
C Wealthy people in New England used them as permanent shelters.
D They appeared as a result of shortage of building tools.

Question 3
The disappearance of cave dwellings

A was caused by increasing industrialisation.
was the result of a lawful decision.
C was welcome by wealthy inhabitants.
D was documented in records of New England history.

Question 4
According to the text, the settlers were

utterly content with their living conditions.
B constantly kvetching about having half the chamber underground.
C inexpert to turn caves into decent shelters
D impuissant when the caves were destroyed.

Question 5
Which detail about the pine-knot lighting system is NOT given in passage 2?

A It was easier to procure in the Southern states.
B Its widespread use was documented.
C It was a facile method.
D It was a pioneering system.

Question 6
Which option BEST describes the writer’s opinion of the pine-knot lighting?

A It was the first choice for domestic illumination.
B It enjoyed a long tradition in poor areas.
C The wood is easy to find.
D It gave out clear lighting.

gamsat section 1 sample questions

Answers to GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions

Unit 2 

  1. C – option C is an objective observation, while the other choices place dramatic emphasis on the resources and the people’s inability to exploit them; – EMPATHISING, UNDERSTANDING TONE

  2. D – ‘some reverted to an ancient form of shelter: they became cave-dwellers’; options A and B are false- ‘In Pennsylvania caves were used by newcomers as homes for a long time, certainly half a century’; option C is false- ‘wealthy and principal men in New England lived in this fashion for two reasons: first, not to waste time building; second, not to discourage poorer laboring people’.- INTENSIVE READING, SCANNING FOR EXPLICIT DETAILS 
  3. B – ‘the Governor’s Council then ordered the caves to be destroyed’ – SCANNING FOR EXPLICIT DETAILS 
  4. A – ‘The settlers were thankful even for these poor shelters, and declared that they found them comfortable’; the key words which invalidate the other options are ‘kvetching’ in option B, ‘inexpert’ in option C and ‘impuissant’ in option D;- DEDUCING MEANING FROM CONTEXT, MAKING INFERENCES 
  5. A – there is no mention of any difference between Northern and Southern states, in relation to accessibility of raw material- INTENSIVE READING 
  6. D – options A, B and C are distractors because they report true, but factual information, which is not what the stem asks for. The writer’s opinion should be considered. UNDERSTANDING TONE

We hope you enjoyed working through these free gamsat section 1 sample questions. If you want some free section 3 practice questions, you can download our Free GAMSAT Mock Exam now.

GAMSAT Test Help

Re: GAMSAT Test Help

GAMSAT Test Help

gamsat test help

If you’re looking for GAMSAT test help, then you have come to the right place! To prepare for the GAMSAT there are a number of recommended steps you should take.  Firstly, be sure to take the time to understand the structure of the exam, and the weighted allotment of marks for each of the three sections you will be taking. 

Section One:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section Two:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section Three:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

From this breakdown it should be fairly easy for you to estimate where you need to break up your time in terms of study allotments. 

Realistically the majority of your time should be spent on revision and “filling in the blanks”.  Even for the most dedicated science students there will still be areas of weakness.  Do not forget it is also perfectly possible that you may have actually forgotten key concepts.  Many of my science students preparing for the GAMSAT are overconfident when it comes to section three.  Two particular areas of weakness for these students I would say are physics and physical chemistry.  You will find, as your revision starts, that one gap which you discover will inevitably lead on to several others, so be sure to leave blank spaces in your study schedule which you can fill with these surprising discoveries. 

At a certain point you should reach a point of sufficient confidence where you you’re your knowledge level has risen to a sufficient point that you will be able to use the free resources provided on this website.  It is important to gauge this carefully.  If you jump the gun and are not ready then it is possible that you will not be able to make optimum use of the resources provided.  I would recommend the following GAMSAT Practice Exam

This will direct you to a free practice version of section three where you can easily test out the knowledge you have acquired.  As you work your way through this resource treat it, again, as something of a diagnostic, indicating to you areas of weakness.  When you have again returned to your revision, and again worked through areas of weakness then attempt to determine from our other question resources what you might potentially need.

Good Luck!

How Long to Study for GAMSAT

Re: How Long To Study For GAMSAT?

How Long To Study For GAMSAT?

how long to study for gamsat

The GAMSAT is probably the most difficult general exam which can be taken at a tertiary level, followed most likely  by the LSAT exam.  The difficulty of the GAMSAT is due to a number of factors.

  1. It has considerable breadth.

Consider the issues you face in sitting the GAMSAT.  The test is basically sat over a whole day, making it one of the longest tests or exams a student can take.  You must cover a wide variety of general knowledge topics, as well as those specific to given disciplines – such as physics and chemistry – , and in turn exhibit strong writing and reasoning skills.

  1. It requires large blocks of concentrated effort

In each of the sections you are expected to demonstrate a unique set of skills.  For Section 1 you must have excellent comprehension and logic skills.  For section 2 you must demonstrate strong writing and reasoning.  For section 3 you must have a wide range of knowledge relevant to the fundamentals of chemistry, biology and physics.  Such a broad range of skills takes time to acquire and develop.

  1. You must become adept at working to a strict schedule.

The exam involves you completing slightly under 200 questions in limited time.  To be disciplined in moving from question to question and knowing how to a lot your time is a skill unto itself. 

There are other complicating factors in the GAMSAT, but these are typically unique to each student, and the focus of this specific post is on general or generic issues.  So, here are a few things to consider.

How Long To Study For GAMSAT – Study Advice

  1. Do not drop below 15 hours per week in your revision. 

Time and again I have seen how much of a difference repetition and a top-to-bottom knowledge of the exam can make.  You should spend at least two hours per day doing revision and attempting gamsat practice questions.

  1. Try to push your study time table above 25 hours.

My best students over the years have always put in well above the allotted minimum number of hours.  If you can work up to three hours per day you should be in tip-top shape by exam time.

  1. Spend a minimum of six months preparing.

There are late-comers to exam preparation, and while this can be risky and put you under quite a bit of strain it is still possible to have success with, let’s say two-three months of preparation.  I would mainly recommend a full six months of preparation for the exam, eight months at the outside.  By the time you get to the final six weeks all of your work should just be put into fine-tuning your performance.

On a final note, click here to download your Free GAMSAT Practice Question.

Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT – Attempt Now Free!

Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

questions for section 1 gamsat
Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT – Social and Behavioural Science Example Unit

Unit 1

Read the following passages (1-5) about five people and their new jobs. Answer the questions (1-6).

Passage 1
Well, I got a mysterious call from an agency asking if I was interested in a job with better prospects and more money. I felt quite flattered. Anyway, I met the person and we discussed the proposition over a drink. Basically, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse- it was such a good job. And there was a marvellous golden hello. My old company tried to keep me, but that one was just a stepping stone for me. I was off.

Passage 2
I guess everybody expected it, really. My parents had always assumed that one day I would end up in their business, and so I did. I do wish that I’d worked in the wider world a bit more, but working for my parents, we all share in the profits. The money doesn’t go elsewhere and if I want to move on, I can.

Passage 3
I heard it on the grapevine, so to say. I have to go to most of the medical conferences, and eventually you get to know everyone in the circuit. So when this person I know asked me if I’d be interested in joining his sales team, I didn’t hesitate. The company has a terrific reputation. The bonuses we get are amazing even though the job is very demanding. It’s hard to find good medical representatives, you know, and they do what they can to keep us.

Passage 4
At college I had this work placement to do as part of the course, so they sent me here for a term last year. And they must have liked my attitude because they offered me a permanent job. It’s a cool company. I’ve got my foot on the first rung of the ladder and there are lots of opportunities for promotion. But you know, without the college I wouldn’t have thought of applying.

Passage 5
I know that some people have contacts who can pull strings for them, but I had to go through the interview process to get the job. There was an ad which said it was looking for talented people for a rewarding career and well, here I am. It isn’t rewarding financially, as it’s a charity, but it’s very worthwhile work.

Question 1
Which statement is TRUE about the speaker in passage 1?

A She was dissatisfied with the financial benefits she received from the old company.
B She saw the new job as a means of advancement.
C She was wary of the headhunting approach.
D She passed up negotiations with the old company.

Question 2
What does the speaker in passage 2 express about the current job?

A Contrition for following his parents’ advice.
B Misgiving about sharing the profits.
C Complacence about financial security.
D Frustration about inability to travel.

Question 3
According to the speaker in passage 3, the benefits sales persons receive

motivate employees to travel widely.
B are proportional to increasing responsibilities.
C have contributed to the company’s reputation.
D are the result of shortage of quality employees.

Question 4
How does the speaker in passage 4 feel about his current job?

A Positively avid
B Quite undecided

C Mildly equivocal
D Extremely grateful

Question 5
What does the speaker in passage 5 imply?

A The job selection process may be unfair.
B Financial benefits are a good incentive.
C She enjoys occasional social work.
D The information in the ad was partially misleading.

Question 6
Which speaker shows LEAST interest in the financial aspect of the job?

A The speaker in passage 2
B The speaker in passage 4
C The speaker in passage 5
D The speaker in passage 3

section 1 questions for gamsat

Answers To Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

Unit 1

1. D – ‘My old company tried to keep me’ and “I was off’ indicate her refusal; the other options include partially true information which echoes phrases in the text, but the context renders the information untrue: ‘financial benefits’ from option A are mentioned but in relation to the second job; ‘advancement’ from option B is implied in ‘stepping stone’, but in relation to the first job; ‘headhunting’ in option C is the recruitment process used, but the speaker is happy with it; INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

2. C – ‘we all share in the profits. The money doesn’t go elsewhere’; there are key words in the other options which contradict the information in the passage; ‘contrition’ in option A, ‘misgiving’ in option B, ‘frustration’ in option D;- INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

3. D – ‘It’s hard to find good medical representatives, you know, and they do what they can to  keep us’; travelling in option A is not a resulting benefit; option B is not true because no increasing responsibilities are mentioned; the reputation in option C is not based on large benefits;- INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

4. A – ‘It’s a cool company’- the key to choosing the right answer is the adjective ‘avid’; option D is a distractor because the speaker is grateful, but not about his current job;- EMPATHISING

5. A – ‘I know that some people have contacts who can pull strings for them’; the other options include phrases from the passage but key words such as ‘occasional’ in C and ‘misleading’ in D invalidate them; option B is totally false;  READING FOR STATED DETAILS

6. C – ‘It isn’t rewarding financially[…] but it’s very worthwhile work; the speakers in the other passages stress the importance of the financial aspect;- COMPARING, CONTRASTING, INTERRELATING


We hope you enjoyed working through these questions for section 1 gamsat. If you want practice questions for Section 3, you can download our Free GAMSAT Sample Exam now.

GAMSAT Scores Explained

From: Lindsay
Re: GAMSAT Scores Explained

GAMSAT Scores Explained

gamsat scores explained

GAMSAT Scores Explained Part 1 – Overview

Gamsat scores explained… Let’s begin.

It is often pointed out by GAMSAT candidates that it is hard to know how to interpret GAMSAT scores. First of all, as you should no doubt know from other posts, the exam breaks down in the following fashion:

Section One:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section Two:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section Three:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

It is necessary to score a mark of above 50% in each of the sections.  What this means is that you cannot hope to depend on any one particular section to save the day.  Often students will bet on a strong score in section three to save the day for instance.  This is a mistake.  First of all, it is possible that your play may go awry.  The configuration of topics may not be what you expect.  Similarly it is possible that the level of difficulty found in the gamsat questions may exceed your expectations.  Finally, even if you score well in section three, if you score below the minimum for the other two sections your application will be effectively invalidated for most of the Universities.  So, the big lesson is to remember to try to score well across the board.

GAMSAT Scores Explained Part 2 – Advice

There are number of pieces of advice to follow in terms of looking at your gamsat scores:

  1. An offer is based on what percentile your mark falls in.

When I sat the GAMSAT, in the 2000s, a successful applicant to the University of Melbourne Medical School could have a score as low as a 63.  This was based on the fact that fewer people sat the exam at that time, and that scores were generally lower.  Now more people sit, and thanks to more gamsat resources being available for students, scores are higher.  You want to score as high as possible given that scores continue to climb. 

  1. Score above a 65 overall.

Even though it is hard to estimate what would place you in the higher percentiles, and hence achieve an interview offer, it is important to remember that scoring a 65 or below is very unlikely to get you an interview for medicine.  Where once a 60 would have been sufficient at 65 should be your absolute minimum overall score. Note that scores are slightly lower for entry into medicine. View the minimum gamsat scores for medicine and dentistry.

  1. A solid section two score is in the 70s.

Anything below an essay score in the 70s is definitely on the weaker side.  To make an unambiguously strong impression aim to score this high. We have released the most comprehensive resource ever made for Section two… and it’s free. Click here to download it now – GAMSAT Essay Book

  1. Do not score below a 60 for section one.

This is a tricky section for almost all science students.  Scoring below a 60 for section one will definitely hurt any application you make.

  1. Score above a 65 for section three.

Success in this section is more challenging, hence high marks can be illusive.  However, to score below a 65 suggests insufficient preparation and an insufficient knowledge base. A great place to begin your study is to download our free gamsat exam.

What to Study for GAMSAT – Find Out Now!

What To Study For GAMSAT?

What To Study For GAMSAT?

Where to begin?! So many students find themselves tearing their hair out about where to start and what to study for GAMSAT. You need to remember that the GAMSAT follows quite a predictable formula and with targeted study and practice you can be confident in your preparation and ability to Ace the exam! Here are some tips about what to study for GAMSAT and how to make the most out of your study time!

What to study for gamsat tip 1: Read and listen widely! (Section 1 and 2)

A lot of students struggle with what to study for sections 1 and 2. Unlike section 3 where there is a more ‘clear cut’ syllabus, the humanities section and essay section can feel difficult to prepare for. The best thing you can do is read, read, read! For section 1, you need to feel comfortable reading a wide variety of texts- such as poems, scientific journal extracts, narratives and cartoons. This way, when the GAMSAT comes around, you won’t be shocked by ‘left of field’ passages but will be familiar with the format! Check out our section 1 GAMSAT study package which will help you to target your study towards common texts and themes in the humanities section!

Reading widely and listening widely is also really important when it comes to studying for section 2!! By reading newspapers, listening to podcasts, watching informative shows like Lateline, Q & A and Foreign Correspondent you’ll be up to date on current affairs that you can insert as supporting evidence for just about any essay topic that comes your way! Check out our blog post on ‘GAMSAT Revision‘ and ‘Section 2 GAMSAT Essay Topics‘ to get more information on what to study for GAMSAT section 2!!

What to study for gamsat tip 2: Its not all about ‘Knowledge’ its about Reasoning! (Section 3 tips)

Its important to remember that GAMSAT is not so much a ‘knowledge’ exam but a REASONING exam! Many GAMSAT students forget this during their study preparation, especially with respect to section 3 and spend countless hours learning the intricate details of the science syllabus whilst neglecting GAMSAT style preparation.  Whilst it is important to have a clear understanding of key concepts in first year university level chemistry and biology, and high school level physics, you must understand that a lot of the content that arises in the GAMSAT, especially in section 3 will be foreign to you! Instead they will provide you with an unknown stimulus and your job is to use logical deduction and reasoning to come to an answer!! Instead of wasting time trying to learn EVERYTHING in physics, chemistry and biology, you may want to find some TARGETED section 3 study material that will focus on likely GAMSAT topics.

We offer a range of resources through our GAMSAT preparation books where you can get GAMSAT specific knowledge in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physics. Once you feel like you have a key understanding of the concepts in science, you MUST practice GAMSAT style questions to improve your reasoning abilities! This will help you to tackle any question, regardless of familiarity with the content!

what to study for gamsat

Happy studying!


GAMSAT Preparation Notes

Re: GAMSAT Preparation Notes

Preparation is highly individual.  What works for one person will not work for another.  It is important to, as much as you research topics and practice questions, also try to figure out what resources you respond to the best. The following are tips on how you can best engage with the preparation materials you have been provided with. 

So, you have your GAMSAT preparation notes and materials, most likely purchased from a GAMSAT prep company. We will now cover some strategies that will help you manage your GAMSAT preparation notes.

gamsat preparation notes

Break your GAMSAT preparation notes down to one topic for each of the sciences per day.
There is a huge amount of material you will be needing to get through.  To make sure you absorb each topic area it makes sense to break down your study schedule such that you are dealing with one topic for each of the sciences per day.  They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and it is true.  Introducing this level of variety will ensure you do not get bogged down in a particular topic area which is especially challenging.  There is plenty of minutiae in the GAMSAT which can result in an inefficient use of time.  Stick with the formula recommended.

Cross-Reference whenever possible.
The material you are given in the preparation notes may easily make sense to you or it may not.  Too frequently students will reject materials if they seem challenging or not immediately understandable.  This is a fundamental waste of the materials.  There is always useful information which can be gleaned from any material you a provided with.  Even if you do not respond to it know that you can still find out areas which require more information, more context, or simply are presented in a different manner. In such instances use the GAMSAT preparation notes as a point in which you can “jump off” as you seek out more material from other online resources. 

Forge connections using the GAMSAT Preparation notes
The benefit of the notes is that they provide, in a single location, all of the material you might need, all of the key knowledge you require.  This makes your own note-taking and the organisation of your preparation all the more easy.  While cross-referencing with other material is always an option, first it is best make the most of the inter-referencing which is possible with the preparation notes.

Most of all, it is extremely important to practise! Once you have learnt all of the content for Section 3, you need to practise as many questions as possible. We have a free gamsat practice test, which contains practice questions for Section 3. We also offer a range of GAMSAT preparation books, which contain 1000’s of practice questions just like the real exam!

We hope you have learnt some great strategies to use when utilising your GAMSAT Preparation Notes.

GAMSAT Section 2 Help

Re: GAMSAT Section 2 Help

GAMSAT Section 2 Help

If you’re looking for gamsat section 2 help, you’ve came to the right place. While Section 1 of the gamsat is the most frequently misunderstood of the sections, it is quickly followed by the essay writing section.  In the first instance students struggle to adapt to the argumentative style expected of them, struggle to write to the 30 minute time limit, and finally struggle to offer insights on human experience expected of them in the reflective task.  There are a number of general gamsat tips which can be offered.

GAMSAT Tip 1 – Enhance your general knowledge.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of current events, as it will add credibility to your argumentative essay, as well as providing you with a greater facility with general themes on concepts dealt with for this essay.  Watch on ABC iview online programs such as Four Corners, Lateline, Q and A, Mediawatch, and Foreign Correspondent.  Read The Economist and Time magazine.

GAMSAT Tip 2 – Become comfortable discussing your experiences and emotions.

Many students feel inhibited writing about their experience in the reflective piece and as a result the material can often come across as stiff and contrived.  It is important to recognise that you are the receptacle of many fascinating and engaging anecdotes and insights.  The key is to become comfortable expressing these experiences.  The markers are not here to judge, they are more attempting to understand what your perspective is on the events of your life.  Whatever perspective you may have it is essential that you express it in a coherent and compelling manner. Try to get comfortable in doing this.

GAMSAT Tip 3 – Enhance your analysis skills.

Analysis involves an ability to provide a detailed explanation of how you form your opinions and insights.  Many students believe that simply have an opinion is enough to guarantee them a high score.  This is not true.  An opinion with analysis to back it up is worth a lot less than may students imagine.  Always remember that you should be trying to convey your thought process at all times.  The markers are not inside your head, so they need to have a really close understanding of what your intentions may have been, as your outline your process of analysis in respect to all of your key points.

GAMSAT Tip 4 – Build your vocabulary.

This is a tricky one.  On the one hand you do not want to seem pretentious or ostentatious in terms of your use of language.  You also need to focus on the economy of your expression.  However, it is also important to remember that a few choice flourishes in your writing can make a major difference to the marker in terms of what it conveys of your intelligence and sophistication.

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