GAMSAT Section 1 Tips – Part 2

Re: GAMSAT Section 1 Tips

GAMSAT Section 1 Tips For Success

GAMSAT Section 1 is arguably the most misunderstood of all of the sections. Several years ago another preparatory organisation in fact claimed that there was NO preparation which could be done for this section. This is patently inaccurate! To ignore Section 1 in your preparation is to deny yourself precious marks. Also, it is important to remember that you are expected to attain a certain minimum standard for each of the sections. A strong performance in Section 3 cannot fix the issues to your application created by a weak showing in sections 1 and 2. Here are a number of gamsat section 1 tips:

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #1 – Work hard to develop your vocabulary.

The majority of GAMSAT students, while curious and intellectually inclined, do not possess a level of vocabulary suited to the GAMSAT. Remember that the general standard expected is above what you may have experienced in Year 12, or even in some of your university curriculum. A simple solution is to bone up on your vocab. A good way to do this is to read a work of 19th Century literature. In future blogs I will address what is appropriate reading.

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #2 – Enhance your logic skills

Advanced problem solving is generally about using logic effectively. Again, many GAMSAT candidates fall prey to simple fallacies and assumptions. The easy way to avoid this is to study Aristotelian argument, and the manner in which premises are founded on certain assumptions, and in turn how they combine to form specific conclusions. Read Plato’s The Republic for excellent examples of Aristotelian argument.

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #3. Expose yourself to a variety of discourses.

One of the major challenges of Section 1 is the experience many students have of being pushed off the deep end in terms of the specificity and technical nature of many of the passages they are exposed to. A simple way of dealing with this is utilise super-search engines such as Proquest and Jstor to access a variety of academic papers and journal articles. Articles in fields such as psychology, sociology and history will be invaluable for you to read and concentrate on absorbing the most essential information from under time pressures. Remember you will never be asked questions which require knowledge outside that which is provided in the text for Section 1 questions. Try to seek out new kinds of journal articles each new week of your preparation.

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GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Topics

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay topics

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Topics

So you’re stressing about the curve balls that could be thrown at you on GAMSAT day in section 2? Well, believe it or not, section 2 isn’t as awful as a lot of people make it out to be. It’s actually an opportunity for you to express yourself, show the markers who you are and prove to them that you’d make a great doctor!

Our free GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator will provide hundreds of examples of gamsat section 2 essay topics that may arise in the actual exam.

Whilst you can’t predict the exact gamsat section 2 essay topics that you’ll get on the day, with a bit of preparation you can feel comfortable to answer ANY question that you get hit with! Here are some tips on how to be well prepared for the essays!

Know your world!

The best thing you can do for section 2 is to be up to date on current affairs as well as both national and international advancements! We recommend watching the news every day in the lead up to GAMSAT and noting down any interesting stories or facts that you come across. Also! Listen to podcasts and read the newspaper! These often provide you with interesting stories on hot topics that you can use as unique examples to back up your arguments. As you accumulate more and more interesting facts in your document, you may want to classify them into broad categories such as Education, Technology or Science. That way, you will be prepared for any gamsat section 2 essay topic that comes your way, as they will inevitably be derived from broad and current issues in society.

Know yourself!

Task B can often give you an opportunity to write a personal essay, and show the markers who you are and what motivates you! Just like with the current affairs, start thinking about interesting stories in YOUR life that you could potentially bring in to a personal essay! The more you have the better, because chances are, at least ONE of them will be relevant to the topic! Its also okay if you prefer not to write a personal essay for this section though! Instead just draw on your revision of current affairs and write an argumentative piece! Whichever way you go, as long as you give both yourself and the world around you some thought before the exam, you will find that any gamsat section 2 essay topic that comes your way will be conquerable!!!

Feel free to check out our previous post which contains a series of free GAMSAT Essay Questions that can be downloaded.

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Re: How To Ace GAMSAT?

How to Ace GAMSAT

How to Ace GAMSAT you ask? For some, the concept of ‘acing’ the GAMSAT feels like a prospect that is millions of miles away! But remember, all those people who manage to score North of the 90th percentile every year managed to do it! So you can too! Don’t put the GAMSAT in the ‘too hard basket’, high performance is achievable with a few simple tricks! Heres how to get on track to ace the GAMSAT!

  1. Commit yourself

Once you’ve decided you want to become a doctor, you will have to decide to commit yourself to the entry process. GAMSAT is not something you can ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about- you have to jump headfirst into the process and commit a solid amount of your time and energy for preparation. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds though! Once you get started, you will realise that its totally achievable to feel well prepared heading into the exam. As long as you have a study plan, you’ll be able to start smashing questions in no time. See our previous blog for some tips on how to get your study rolling by starting a study plan!

  1. Have a solid routine 

Try to study for the GAMSAT consistently between now and when you sit the exam. Treat GAMSAT study as if it is a second job so that you are held accountable for your hours and work efficiently and effectively. Studying for this exam is an investment in your future because ultimately it will land you your dream job!! Make sure you incorporate exercise and social time into your routine so that when you do sit down to study, you are able to do so effectively! Once you are in a routine, it will become less daunting and more enjoyable to study, and you will start to gain the confidence you need when you enter the exam room on GAMSAT day! 

  1. Practice in Timed Conditions

We can’t stress the importance of timed practice enough!! At the end of the day, the people who are trained to answer GAMSAT questions under pressure are the ones who will excel in the exam! Once you have your content down pat and you are familiar with GAMSAT style questions, start working on sample questions in exam conditions so that you don’t get a shock on the day! You’ll be miles ahead of the pack if you make this a big part of your study!

  1. Believe in yourself!

At times, GAMSAT can feel overwhelming and its easy to convince yourself that it’s just all too hard! But we guarantee that everyone goes through this throughout their GAMSAT journey! Just make sure you persevere and don’t give up! Its so important to stay positive and believe in yourself because, at the end of the day, this will help YOU to become a doctor!

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GAMSAT Study Plan

Re: GAMSAT Study Plan

GAMSAT Study Plan

Don’t have a GAMSAT study plan and feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of study you need to get done before the looming GAMSAT? Or don’t know where to start? Well, no matter where you are in your GAMSAT journey, the best thing you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your study and ensure that you achieve all of your goals before the exam date, is to actually MAKE A GAMSAT STUDY PLAN!

It’s easy to just launch yourself into study without proper consideration of the topics you need to cover and the skills you need to practice. But have no fear! These simple suggestions will help you to make a solid plan that will ensure you tick all the boxes and feel confident to smash the GAMSAT!

GAMSAT Study Plan – Step 1. Familiarise yourself with the content of GAMSAT

The first thing you should do is to understand the structure of the GAMSAT, and the key topic areas that they can test. This can be achieved by using online resources or compiling a list of topic areas that you notice continually crop up on the practice papers! Once you have a list of the GAMSAT ‘syllabus’, you can then go through it and highlight the areas that you are, and aren’t familiar with! Which brings us to our next point!

GAMSAT Study Plan – Step 2. Honour your Weaknesses!

Don’t overlook your weaknesses, give them the time they deserve!! A lot of people fall into the trap of practising what they enjoy and are good at, whilst neglecting the areas they find more challenging! Whilst it is important to practice ALL sections of the GAMSAT, make sure you allocate an appropriate amount of time to strengthening your weaknesses! Your background will dictate what you need to focus on when making your GAMSAT study plan, and for everyone sitting the GAMSAT, this will be different! For those literary geniuses out there who spend every waking minute of their spare time chewing through books and poems, you will probably need to have a more science-heavy study plan! On the other hand, for all you science lovers, rather than heavily revising the intricate details of your science degrees, you might want to have a more strategy based study plan or a plan that gives more time to essay improvement!

GAMSAT Study Plan – Step 3. Make the Plan!

Everyone will have their own preferred way of making their GAMSAT study plan! For some, it might be a diary, and for others, it might be sticky notes all over your mirror! It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have some direction to your study within a specified time frame. If you haven’t already found something that works for you, we suggest to make a table and stick it on your desk.  Draw up a table that has dimensions that account for 7 days of the week multiplied by the number of weeks that you have left before the exam. In the days that you are available to study for the GAMSAT, allocate your selected topic areas into each box. This way, you will be held accountable for your study time and will be able to make sure that you hit all the areas you need to. In the month leading up to the exam, try and schedule a timed, full-length practice paper once a week so your body gets used to doing the GAMSAT marathon!

GAMSAT Study Plan – Step 4. It’s not all bad!

It’s really important that you schedule in time for yourself into your plan. It’s hard to balance study, work, uni and social life, but it’s important!! Make sure you don’t pack your plan so full of study that you overwhelm yourself. Schedule in regular exercise and social time so that you don’t go stir crazy!

Good luck.


Before you go, don’t forget to get your free Section 3 Gamsat Practice Test.

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How Hard Is GAMSAT?

Re: How Hard Is GAMSAT?

How Hard Is GAMSAT?

how hard is gamsat

How hard is GAMSAT you ask? Well, for a lot of people the obvious answer would be “Extremely hard!” With a whole heap of passages, 75 humanities questions, 2 essays and 110 science questions it can feel like mission impossible, especially when you first begin your study. But what you have to understand is that the GAMSAT is only as hard as you believe it to be and the right GAMSAT training can make all the difference when you are fully prepared with the necessary GAMSAT practice tests

Can We Provide The Best Practice Tests To Help You Pass The GAMSAT ?

Yes we can. Here at AceGamsat, we provide some of the best GAMSAT training and practice materials to help you make this journey as painless as possible with complete example questions on biology, physics, humanities, organic chemistry questions and so much more. We have everything you need in the form of practice tests, PDF’S and downloads that you can study at your own pace. Don’t let the size of it intimidate you. It’s just one hurdle that you need to jump over if you want to become a doctor.

So Is The GAMSAT Easy To Pass ?

Well,the good news is, it’s not as hard as you may think!! After you settle into a study routine, have the key content down pat and start exposing yourself to practice questions, you will realise that GAMSAT style questions follow quite a predictable formula, and with enough revision you can start to see exactly what Acer (the company who write the papers) are looking for and how they try to trick you. In both section 1 and section 3, you will notice that similar styles of questions crop up, and once you have been exposed to these styles a few times, they will start to look a lot less daunting.

Section 2, on the other hand, freaks a lot of people out because they fear that they will get a question that they know NOTHING about! In other words, they fear the unpredictable! But again, its all about exposure! Reading up on relevant global issues and current affairs, and committing a few unique facts to memory from a range of broader topic areas will mean you will have supporting information no matter what the question. We suggest you have a read of our previous blog – how to revise for GAMSAT – to get some tips on how to revise for section 1, 2, and 3.

The factors that make the GAMSAT ‘hard’ per say, are things that you CAN prepare for. Below are two of these factors that are crucial to conquer if you want to perform well in GAMSAT.

Time Pressure   

If you are asking how hard is GAMSAT, put simply, GAMSAT is a high-pressure exam. For each question, you have very minimal time to process the stimulus material and reach a considered conclusion. It is the time pressure that trips a lot of people up on exam day because whilst they have been doing practice questions, they have neglected the time element! It is crucial that you practice all three section under timed conditions so that you start to train your brain to work fast. Its okay to start off slow to first gain an understanding of how GAMSAT questions work, but you should start working in timed conditions as early as possible in your study regime! This way, the exam day won’t come as a shock and you will know exactly what is coming for you! We suggest you read our other post with further details about GAMSAT timing.


GAMSAT is a long exam! Almost 6 hours in length with a short recess in between sections 2 and 3, your body and brain get put through a marathon on GAMSAT day! And like all marathons, you have to train for it!! Especially by the science section which is held last in the afternoon, a lot of people find themselves with sore backs, fuzzy minds and sleepy eyes! This is clearly not an ideal recipe for optimum performance! So… let the GAMSAT training begin!! It is so important to practice a few full-length GAMSAT papers in the weeks leading up to the exam so that not only your brain is prepared, but your body is too! Make sure you get good sleep leading up to the exam too! A few extra ZzzzZZZzzzzs will get you a lot further than cramming late at night!

So… How hard is GAMSAT? Well, it’s not ‘a walk in the park’, but if you prepare accordingly, it most certainly won’t be the ‘mission impossible’ that so many people deem it to be! You can do it! If you’d like a free GAMSAT practice test, then click below to get yours now!

Download Now – GAMSAT Test PDF

How To Revise For GAMSAT

How to Revise for GAMSAT

How To Revise For GAMSAT

how to revise for gamsat

So.. its that time of year where people are starting to feel like GAMSAT is creeping up on them and they may need some advice on exactly how to revise for GAMSAT. No matter where you are in your GAMSAT journey, there is still time and the key is being smart about HOW you revise for the exam in these last few months! Remember the age-old saying “quality, not quantity”? Well, this holds true for GAMSAT revision! For those wanting to achieve concise, effective and targeted revision, don’t fall asleep yet! Have a read of our hot tips for revising each section of the exam.

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 1

Read, Read, Read! Practice, Practice, Practice! You can revise for this section anytime, anywhere! By reading a broad range of texts and genres, you can guarantee that you’ll be comfortable with any passage that GAMSAT throws your way! Reading on the bus, before bed and on your lunch break can not only be a leisurely break, but also exposes you to the sorts of materials that GAMSAT questions are drawn from! It also gives you the opportunity to practice reading through texts fast! A lot of people find themselves starving for time in this section, so by improving the pace at which you can digest information, you’ll be improving your chances of getting through those 75 conquerable questions! Also- READ ACTIVELY! As you read, try and identify language techniques that might crop up in the GAMSAT (such as simile, onomatopoeia, metaphor, alliteration and didactic!).It sometimes helps to make a glossary of language terms to memorize and keep an eye out for!

Follow up your reading with practice questions and before you know it you’ll be a section 1 expert!!

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 2

Section 2 can be daunting, especially for those from a science background! But have no fear! With a bit of targeted revision, you’ll be pumping out top quality essays in no time! One of the best things you can do to improve the quality of content in your essays is to be familiar with current events. Watch the news every day and construct a document with key items of interest! This way, over the weeks and months leading up to GAMSAT you will create a database of information to draw on when writing your essays. Podcasts can also provide you with interesting perspectives on global issues, fascinating stories and unique examples to make your essay stand out! Listen to podcasts and put any interesting facts you may come across in your document of information!

Practice is also important to improve your score in Section 2. We offer a free GAMSAT Quote Generator, which provides an unlimited number of sample essay questions for Section 2 of the GAMSAT.

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 3

Beginning your section 3 study can feel like your standing at the base of Everest! But it doesn’t have to! Whilst it is very important to have an overall understanding of the key areas in science, a lot of questions in section 3 are based on graphical analysis and logical deduction from information provided in the questions stimulus.  Aim to first revise key concepts in chemistry, physics and biology and then apply this knowledge to practice questions. Our GAMSAT Preparation Material contains everything you need to know for the GAMSAT with 2000+ practice questions. Focus on extracting key points from the questions, read the stimuli very carefully and use your deduction skills to reach an answer. Remember! Revise KEY concepts carefully but don’t get too bogged down learning the intricate details of EVERY topic in science, because chances are they won’t be tested on the GAMSAT and you will overlook practising GAMSAT style questions! We also offer a free GAMSAT Practice Test which contains section 3 questions.

Remember! Revising for the GAMSAT doesn’t have to be a chore! Stay positive because ultimately it is this study that you’re doing now that is going to help you to achieve your dreams of being a doctor!

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Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Requirements

Re: Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Requirements

Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Requirements

graduate entry medicine entry requirements

Let’s take a look at the Graduate Entry Medicine Entry Requirements. Getting into medicine can seem like and lengthy and confusing process! With so much information on the topic of getting into medicine available online, it can seem tricky to know what the requirements actually are! The following post aims to demystify the process of gaining entry into graduate entry medicine, and hopefully make the process of applying for and gaining entry into medicine a lot less stressful!

Step 1: You need to complete an undergraduate degree

The first step (as obvious as it may seem!) is to complete an undergraduate degree through a university. This degree does not necessarily have to be in a scientific field (although see step 2 below which discusses pre-requisite subjects), it simply needs to have been completed or about to be completed (e.g. you can apply for graduate entry medicine during the final year of your undergraduate degree, provided that you will complete that degree before commencing your medical course).

Step 2: You might need to have completed pre-requisite subjects

The graduate entry medical school that you are applying for won’t mind whether you studied accounting, science, biomedicine or arts for your undergrad, but they may require you to have completed certain prerequisite subjects before commencing your medical course (for example, you might need to complete some minimum units in anatomy, chemistry and physiology). If you haven’t completed these as part of your undergraduate course, you can usually do these subjects as bridging subjects, often during university holidays, to ensure that you meet the requirements of most graduate entry medicine courses.

Step 3: You need to have sat the GAMSAT

If you are reading this post, you are probably acutely aware of this requirement! Most universities require that you pass each section of the exam, and various universities have different cut-offs each year in terms of the minimum overall Gamsat score they require. It should be noted, however, that these cut-offs change from year to year, and some universities do not use cut off Gamsat scores at all! Take home message: do your research to the best of your ability, but don’t stress over cut off scores. If you want to apply for a particular university, you might as well include it in your preferences, provided you meet the other requirements of the particular medical course.

Step 4: You need to enter a list of preferences through GEMSAS (Graduate Entry Medical School Admission System) and/or apply to universities individually

Once you have received your Gamsat score, you will then enter in a list of preferences through GEMSAS. Some universities will require you to submit a portfolio and/or complete additional application questions as part of your GEMSAS application. Not all medical schools are part of the GEMSAS consortium, and you will need to apply for these separately.

We hope that this has helped simply the graduate entry medicine requirements and helped assist you in navigating the processes smoothly and without stress!

If you would like to find out the Minimum GAMSAT Scores required for entry into each university, then click the link below:
Minimum Scores –


Happy applying!

How Long To Prepare For GAMSAT?

Re: How long to prepare for GAMSAT?

Are you wondering “how long to prepare for GAMSAT?”

Well, firstly… there is no single correct approach to preparing for the Gamsat. Some people find that they feel adequately prepared after two to three months of study, whilst others may feel that they need six months or more to feel equipped to tackle the exam. The time needed for study really depends on the individual and how they like to learn and what their strengths and weaknesses are. The following guide is simply an approach to ensuring that however you learn and however much time you have available, you will be able to put together a timetable for your study that reduces your stress levels and allows you to study systematically.

Step 1: Register as soon as possible and commit

Many people often use up valuable study time by being indecisive as to whether they will actually sit the exam. The saying ‘the best practice for the Gamsat is doing the Gamsat’ is probably quite true in many ways. This isn’t to say that adequate preparation is not highly beneficial, but try to avoid delaying the decision to register out of fear that you will not have enough time to prepare. The minimum time that you should leave yourself to study depends on your own personal schedule, and what other commitments you have in your life including family, study, employment etc.

From experience, most people usually allow themselves at least 3 months to prepare, but if you are able to focus all of your attention on the exam, you could probably feel quite adequately prepared in only two months. That being said, if you are a person that would like to revise extensively for section III (which can be very time-consuming as it covers so much information), you might want to consider more time to cover everything. Either way, the sooner you register and commit to sitting the exam, the sooner you can start preparing! You can download our free Gamsat Practice Test for Section III to get an idea of the structure and layout of questions in the GAMSAT.

Step 2: Work out how much time you would like to spend on each section

According to your strengths and weaknesses, sketch out a percentage of time that you would like to spend on each section of the exam. If you have five months to prepare, a reasonable target for total study hours per week might be 10 hours. You might then decide that you will break this up into three sessions of 2 hours spent on section III, a two-hour session on section I and a two-hour session on section II. You can also edit this study plan if you feel that you are not achieving your goals, or are finding that a particular section is especially time-consuming.

Step 3: Make a master timetable with goals

Once you have worked out how much time you want to study per week, and how you will distribute this time between the sections of the exam, the next step is to make a large timetable and assign goals to each chunk of time. For example, in the first week of study, your aim for section I might be to compose a list of text types and a folder on your computer with examples of each, for section II to read examples of good Gamsat essays and develop an essay structure for yourself to use, and for section III to cover organic chemistry nomenclature and ten practice questions on this topic. Stick to your timetable week by week and congratulate yourself for meeting your goals!

Hopefully, this advice helps in terms of calculating how long to prepare for GAMSAT.

Good luck.

Before you go, don’t forget to get your free Section 3 Gamsat Practice Test.

how long to prepare for gamsat

GAMSAT Preparation Tips

GAMSAT Preparation Tips

Re: GAMSAT Preparation Tips

Well hello there. You’re thinking, c’mon, there are heaps of posts out there about getting ready for the Gamsat, how to study for it, etc, etc. How is this post going to be any different from the other bagillion? Well! Do we have some news for you! The following blog post may not be the most inspirational piece of literature that you have ever read (sorry, but we might as well be honest), but we do reckon it might be the best thing on the internet if you’re looking for some timely and practical advice that you can actually use *today* whilst getting ready to sit the Gamsat. So, if we may, let us present our favourite Gamsat preparation tips.

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 1: Understand what it is that you are preparing for

Ok, we know this first tip sounds a bit obvious, but in getting ready to sit the exam, it can really pay to firstly sit down and glance over an ACER practice exam. You don’t have to do a timed practice exam and stress yourself out, you just need to have a good read of the types of questions contained in each section, and the types of stimulus materials you are provided with. You may not think that this is super helpful, but it can really help you to wrap your head around the task that you have in front of you and target your study to ensure that you are preparing for the particular type of exam that you are wanting to succeed at. Easy. We also offer a Free SIII GAMSAT Practice Test.

gamsat preparation tips

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 2: Make yourself a plan

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Whether you get a day-by-day, hour-by-hour planner and schedule in your study time, or whether you simply jot some tasks down on a to-do-list that contains the days of the week, making a study plan is critical. A study plan helps you to set targets for yourself and assists you in determining realistic time frames within which you would like to achieve your goals. If you don’t have a study plan, it can be easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating (because you feel directionless or overwhelmed), or feeling frustrated even when you do manage to get some study done (because you still think you haven’t done enough or are not making any progress). There are also plenty of goal-setting and time-management apps that you can experiment with. Done.

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 3: Get assistance if you need it

Consider whether you need some form of assistance with your preparation early in your study for the Gamsat rather than later. This assistance could simply be in the form of some shared study sessions with a friend, or as formal as a tutor that specialises in a particular section. It can be extremely beneficial to get in touch with individuals that can assist you from the very beginning, as these people can often point you in the right direction and save you time and stress in the long run.

Happy studying!




How To Improve Section 1 GAMSAT

How To Improve Section 1 GAMSAT

how to improve section 1 gamsatSo… How to improve section 1 Gamsat? Section 1 can seem like a confusing and frustrating component of the Gamsat, especially if you have been doing lots of practice questions and feel as though you are not improving. The following post aims to give you some hints and tips as to how you can improve in Section 1 of the Gamsat.

  1. Read widely

The first piece of advice we have for you if you are wanting to boost your score in Section 1 is to read whatever and whenever you can! Reading is a great way to subconsciously train your comprehension skills, especially if you regularly pause to ask yourself was it is that you have been reading (e.g. what is happening in the plot of this novel, what perspectives have been advanced in this newspaper article etc.). If you can read regularly and actively, you are well on the way to improving your comprehension skills by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your reading. Click here to get access to our GAMSAT Reading List

  1. Focus on your weaknesses

Many Gamsat candidates often make the mistake of doing hundreds of practice questions without first evaluating whether the particular practice questions will focus on their weaknesses or not. Practice questions are excellent, but try to ensure that you are focusing on questions that you find really tricky, rather than questions that are within your comfort zone, as these are effectively a waste of your time. A good way of determining your weaknesses is to keep a list of text types and/ or question styles that you typically find difficult, and then seek out these types of questions when you do practice questions.

Hot to Improve Section 1 GAMSAT

  1. Develop a glossary of language features and techniques

A great way of getting a few extra points in Section 1 is to ensure that you have a good basic knowledge of language features and techniques (e.g. metaphor, simile, rhyme, onomatopoeia etc.), as there are usually a few extra marks in the exam for knowing a handful of language features and why/ when they are used. Simply write yourself out a glossary of language techniques, or find a simple one online. Protip: writing out an example of each language technique (or even a couple of examples) will help you to identify the techniques when you are doing practice questions.

  1. Keep doing practice questions

While it may seem repetitive and somewhat disheartening (especially if you are getting a lot of questions incorrect), try to keep doing practice questions. Even if you get them wrong, practice questions are the best way to boost your Section 1 score. It’s fine to get questions incorrect, but try to go back and understand why a particular answer is seen as being correct, and use this reasoning when answering future questions.

We hope that these suggestions help you to improve Section 1 Gamsat!

Happy studying!

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