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The Ultimate ‘GAMSAT For Beginners’ Guide!

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Our team has put together the ultimate beginners guide to the GAMSAT that shares a detailed breakdown of each section, and the exam as a whole, from 10+ years experience with the exam.

Think About This…

Have you spent too long researching the internet for the best GAMSAT tips, finding that every page you land on tells you contradicting strategies?

Well, I know how you feel…

There’s no longer a need to feel stressed out, wasting all of your precious GAMSAT study time aimlessly researching the internet only to find contradicting information that have no credibility whatsoever. I know that as the GAMSAT gets closer, your time to prepare is only getting shorter.

I know this because I was in your position several years ago, studying for the GAMSAT.

I spent countless hours looking for recommended books, strategies, study plans, motivation, exam day tricks, how longI should study for etc., which took months! The worst part? I couldn’t even be sure how credible the information actually was!

Well, guess what…

We’re Here To Help!

We’ve Released The Brand New and Updated ‘GAMSAT For Beginners’ Guide, Providing You With Proven Techniques And Time-Efficient Strategies For GAMSAT Success!

Through years of hard work, research, and refinement, our team at AceGAMSAT have created this incredible resource, designed to help students in all 3 sections of the exam.

The GAMSAT is an intense exam, designed to eliminate! By following the advice of an experienced team who have achieved GAMSAT success, you are putting yourself in a great position to maximise your GAMSAT score.

Following these tips and strategies will allow you to optimise your time management, allowing you to finish the exam with time left and go back over and check your answers. An important feat with such limited exam time.

Here’s How We Help You… 

  • Plan and Construct An Effective Essay – Learn the essential steps used to plan and construct an essay that the GAMSAT markers will love. Past students have used these exact Section II methods to obtain essay scores of 65+ with just a few short months of preparation.

  • Online Comprehension Practice – Practice makes perfect, so here’s your opportunity to practice as many comprehension questions you’d like in order to improve your Section I GAMSAT score.
  • Online Vocabulary Builder – An important tool to help build your vocabulary, making it easy to understand the difficult words that are used to trick most students in the Section I. On top of this, learning words that can be used in your Section II essays to improve the language and capture the marker’s attention.
  • Creating An Effective And Efficient Study Plan – Consistently improve in all three sections by learning how to create an effective GAMSAT study plan. Easily attain a 70+ in the GAMSAT by increasing your score in all three sections with an effective study plan!

  • Suggested Study Schedule – Follow our suggested study schedule to maintain balance across your GAMSAT studies. Or make slight changes to target and improve on your specific weaknesses. Hundreds of students have come to us after failing their first attempt, and this study schedule has made the world of difference!
  • Essay Quote Generator  – Practice your essay writing by using the essay quote generator to write as many as you’d like. Use these quotes to maximise your preparation with the most common themes used in GAMSAT Section II.

  • Suggested Texts – Access our list of the most important texts to familiarise yourself with in order to excel in Sections I and II of the GAMSAT.
  • The AceGAMSAT Elimination Strategy – Use the AceGAMSAT elimination strategy to give yourself the best opportunity to answer difficult questions in Sections I and III. Eliminate 2-3 answers and give yourself the best chance to get the question correct!
  • The AceGAMSAT Guessing Method – Unable to use the elimination strategy? This method gives you the best chance at guessing, allowing you to earn marks where other students struggle. Many students run out of time on exam day and this method can mean the difference between passing and failing.

  • The AceGAMSAT Mindset Technique – Enter the GAMSAT with a bulletproof mindset. Apply these various techniques to train your mind to face any difficulties that may lay ahead, and stay motivated for exam day.
  • The Secret to GAMSAT Success – Spend your time in the right places, both during study and on exam day, ensuring you attain the highest score possible.
  • GAMSAT Cut-off Estimator – Having a goal to work toward is key. Find out what score you need to get into the school you desire.
  • GAMSAT Score Maximiser – Discover the most effective ways to set yourself up for success on the day of the big exam.

  • Section III Secret Tips and Tricks – be in the top 1% of students by implementing the SIII tricks that have helped thousands achieve GAMSAT success!
  • The First-Principle Concept – This single concept has helped to increase scores achieved by repeat GAMSAT sitters by an average of 12-15 points.
  • GAMSAT Proven Techniques – Learn the most simple techniques that will help you increase your GAMSAT score in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • GAMSAT Trap Analysis – Keep an eye out, recognise and avoid common ‘GAMSAT traps’. These traps are intentional tricks the exam writers insert into questions that aim to confuse and trick you.

Now that you have access to a guide that will teach you the most effective and proven techniques for each Section of the GAMSAT. With hard work and dedication, you will be well on your way to smashing the GAMSAT and achieving your medical dream!

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