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Re: Ultimate GAMSAT Preparation Study Guide uncovers techniques and strategies that actually work!

Our team has put together the ultimate guide that shares our most valuable techniques and strategies from experience. By following the information in this book you will put yourself ahead of most other students sitting the GAMSAT.

Let Me Ask You Something Quickly!

Are you tired of researching the internet for GAMSAT-specific tips, only to find that each page you land on and read tells you a different contradicting strategy? Or are you researching hundreds of websites, only to find information that will not help you with you GAMSAT Preparation at all?

This stresses you out because you are wasting so much time researching the internet for tips and advice that have no credibility whatsoever. At the same time, the GAMSAT is only getting closer and that means your time to study and effectively prepare is only getting shorter.

I know exactly what you are going through because I was in the exact same situation several years ago when I was preparing for the GAMSAT.

I was spending so much time researching recommended books, strategies for eliminating multiple choice answers, how to effectively plan and write an essay, how to improve my motivation, tips for the day of the exam, when I should start practicing questions etc. This took months and I didn’t even know how credible this information was.


There’s Good News!

Our Team Has Released The Brand New Updated GAMSAT Study Guide Which Outlines The Most Effective And Proven Techniques For Success In The GAMSAT!


Our AceGAMSAT Team has dedicated months of hard work to create such an amazing resource that can help students in all three sections of the exam.

The GAMSAT is a cruel test that is designed to eliminate! So by following the advice of a team who have all actually achieved success in the GAMSAT you are really putting yourself in a great position to conquer this exam.

Time is very limited in the exam and by following these tips and strategies you can even finish the exam with time left, allowing you to go back over and check your answers.

Which of The Following Would Help You Ace The GAMSAT? 

  • Learn How To Plan And Write An Effective Essay – Learn the essential steps to quickly plan and write an amazing essay that the markers are going to love to read. Learn how to simply plan and write a well-structured essay. Non-science students have used our methods and obtained essay scores of 65+ with just a few short months of preparation.

  • Online Comprehension Practice – Practice as many comprehension passages as you like. As they say ‘practice makes perfect!’ and this is the fastest way to improve your section 1 GAMSAT score and receive acceptance into your first preference University.
  • Online Vocabulary Builder – Build your vocabulary so you will be able to understand the difficult words that are used to trick most students in the Section 1 passages and answer. Learn words that can be used to improve the language of your essays and really get the marker’s attention
  • The KEY To Creating A Consistent And Effective Study Routine – Learn how to effectively create a GAMSAT study plan so you can consistently improve in all three sections. By improving on all three sections you can easily attain a score of 70+ and begin your amazing journey into medicine!

  • Suggested Study Schedule – Use our suggested GAMSAT study routine to ensure a consistent and well-balanced study schedule. Or make changes to the routine so you can effectively target and improve on your weaknesses. By targeting your weakness you can drastically improve your GAMSAT score just like hundreds of our students who came to us for guidance after they failed their first GAMSAT attempt!
  • Essay Quote Generator And Over 20 Carefully Chosen Practice Quotes – Practice writing as many essays as you like with the random quote generator. Also, prepare yourself to respond to the most common themes with our carefully chosen quote bank. You can also send your essays into our marking service to get professional feedback and advice. We will even provide you with an Estimated GAMSAT Score!

  • Suggested Texts – Discover the most important suggested texts you can utilise to excel in Section 1 and Section 2 the GAMSAT.
  • The AceGAMSAT Elimination Strategy – Discover proven methods that can be used to eliminate incorrect answers in multiple choice questions for Section 1 and Section 2. In many cases you can eliminate two answers, leaving you with a 50% chance of getting the question correct!
  • The AceGAMSAT Guessing Strategy – Discover the best way to ‘intelligently guess’ if you run out of time in the exam or if you cannot use the process of elimination strategy. Many students run out of time in the exam with 10-15 questions left, so this technique can be the difference between your success and failure in the GAMSAT.

  • The AceGAMSAT Mindset Technique – Discover the techniques that will allow you to bullet-proof your mind for the GAMSAT. You will learn a variety of proven techniques to apply every day to ensure you stay motivated and focused on your end goal.
  • The Secret to GAMSAT Success – Discover the one thing you need to spend most of your time on to get the highest score possible!

So now you have access to a guide that will teach you the most effective and proven techniques for each Section of the GAMSAT. With hard work and dedication, you will be well on your way to smashing the GAMSAT and achieving your medical dream!

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