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5 GAMSAT Trial Tests

GAMSAT Trial Package

Our team, alongside GAMSAT specialists, have worked for countless hours over the past few months to produce these 5 full-length trial tests that are the closest thing to the actual exam.

Each and every one of our carefully researched GAMSAT questions is reasoning-based, so you can spend your preparation time efficiently, knowing that you’re refining the right skills needed on exam day.

5 Complete GAMSAT Practice Tests!

Each of the 5 GAMSAT trial exams is 100% unique, allowing for comprehensive coverage of all tested science subjects, as well as a variety of themes for Sections I and II.
Section I – 75 Questions – Attempt each GAMSAT question in Section I, then check your answers and compare to the worked solutions to see how your score matches up. Each trial exam comes with explanations for each question so you won’t be left wondering where you went wrong. This is the fastest way to improve your score in GAMSAT Section I!

Section II – 2 Questions – 
Write two essays, one for Task A and one for Task B. Each task includes carefully chosen quotes that cover a common theme, with each trial paper covering unique themes that are likely to arise in the GAMSAT. This is the fastest way to improve your score in GAMSAT Section II!

Section III – 110 Questions – 
Attempt 110 reasoning-based science GAMSAT questions, written by GAMSAT specialists, making them the closest to the real exam. Each trial exam paper contains questions related to each of the scientific disciplines – Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry and Physics – exactly like what you will receive on GAMSAT test day!
Each question comes with a worked and explained solution. This is the fastest way to improve your score in GAMSAT Section III!

The GAMSAT Trial Package is the most effective way to test your skills, learn where you went wrong, refine your skills and repeat. With each question throughout all 5 papers containing worked solutions, you will have the opportunity to receive instant feedback.

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  • 5 electronic Full-Length GAMSAT Trial Tests, each containing:
  • 75 multiple choice questions for section I.
  • 2 long response questions for section II.
  • 110 multiple choice questions for section III.
  • Complete and detailed solutions for all questions.
  • The ability to Ace the GAMSAT.

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