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The Humanities Bible

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“Announcing The Ultimate 2024 GAMSAT Resource For Section 1 GAMSAT Preparation!”

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Name: Matthew
Re: Too many students do not know how to approach Section 1 of the GAMSAT!

After months of consistent work, the AceGAMSAT team have finally put together the ultimate 2024 GAMSAT guide that will help you with your 2024 GAMSAT preparation for section 1. Gaining a great Section 1 score will dramatically increase your chances of getting into your first preference university.

With the application of our methods and constant practice, you may even finish Section 1 with time to spare! Imagine how confident this would make you for the remaining two sections of the exam?

Are You Caught In A Constant Struggle When Attempting 2024 GAMSAT Section 1 Questions?

Do you find it difficult to understand some complicated texts in GAMSAT Section 1?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the same boat as hundreds of other students.

Many students have reached out and told us how they become confused and overwhelmed when faced with complicated essays, poems, cartoons, dramas, editorials, graphs, and figures in the GAMSAT. Some students have even said they would just guess the answer when faced with a complicated-looking chart or table.

There’s Good News! We Have Created The Most Effective And Simple Methods Of Analysis That You Can Use To Smash Section 1 Of The GAMSAT!

Our Team has worked together over the past few months to create a resource that will teach you exactly how to tackle different types of questions in Section 1 of the GAMSAT. We break down every different type of stimulus material and then cover the most effective and simple strategies for determining the correct answers through our GAMSAT preparation courses

We provide a series of practice questions for each type of stimulus material so you can see exactly what type of questions will be asked for prose, cartoons, poems, social/behaviour science excerpts, and graphical representations.

The 2024 GAMSAT Humanities Bible!

  • Develop A Standard For Analysing Prose – When reading a Prose passage, answer a set of questions prior to attempting the GAMSAT multiple–choice questions – this will help you focus and eliminate incorrect answers when attempting questions based on short stories, essays, letters, journals, and biographies.
  • Learn How To Analyse And Extract The Meaning From Poems, Songs, And Dramas
    When reading a poem answer a set of questions prior to attempting GAMSAT multiple-choice questions. This will help you focus and eliminate incorrect answers immediately.
  • Learn How To Quickly Interpret Cartoons – Our methods will teach you a series of questions to ask yourself when attempting questions related to Cartoons. With our methods, you will be able to determine the meaning of the cartoon so you can find the correct answer in the shortest amount of time.

  • Learn How To Easily Comprehend Humanities And Fundamental Concepts In Social Science – By utilising our methods you will be able to quickly and easily comprehend concepts in social science so you can quickly choose the correct answer.
  • Learn How To Interpret and Analyse Graphs And Tables – Follow our guidelines of exactly how to interpret and analyse graphs and tables in the GAMSAT. By doing this you will be able to quickly extract the relevant information required to find the correct solution.
  • Over 75 Practice Questions And Worked Solutions For Every Category – Quickly improve your skills by using our methods to answer a series of carefully chosen questions. You will know what questions to expect for each category so you will be better prepared for the actual GAMSAT exam!
  • Equip Yourself With Critical Thinking Skills – Learn critical thinking skills so you can quickly evaluate evidence in a variety of essays or passages that arise in the GAMSAT. Being equipped with this skill will allow you to easily find the correct answer in the relevant questions.

So now you have access to a guide that will teach you everything you need to know for Section 1 of the GAMSAT.

You will equipped with the skills and methods so you can effectively analyse , comprehend, and answer questions relating to essays, poems, cartoons, dramas, editorials, graphs, figures, short stories, essays, letters, journals, and biographies in the GAMSAT.

You will also be able to practice your skills with over 75 included practice questions.

Sneak Peek Inside!

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gamsat section 1

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Regards, Matthew

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AUD $29.95
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