I was never a big reader until I started studying for the GAMSAT and had to read numerous texts. There is no official GAMSAT reading list, but I have identified the most important ones in The GAMSAT Bible.

I bought an Amazon Kindle so I could download all the suggested texts (I have included 2 of them in my last post) and have them on one device that I could take with me anywhere. I read on the train, in the car (as a passenger of course) and basically anywhere I had the chance.

When purchasing an Amazon Kindle I would suggest the ‘PaperWhite’ version, which has a backlight and is touchscreen. It made life so much easier as I mostly read at night so I didn’t need any lights on.

I found the Kindle to be very useful in regards to the inbuilt dictionary and the ‘highlight’ tool.

With the inbuilt dictionary I was able to highlight any difficult words with the touch of a finger to show their respective definitions. This was an invaluable tool for learning new words and understanding difficult texts such as – Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Using the inbuilt highlight tool I was able to highlight the important information in the books and then download them into a word document for later review. This saved time when it came to re-reading any suggested texts.

So if you really want to make life easier when studying for the GAMSAT you should really invest in buying an E-book reader. My advice is to go with a Kindle(simple to use + easy access to amazon store), but have a look around and do your research before making any decision.

Happy Studying!


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