GAMSAT 2016 will be held on Saturday 19 March 2016. This will be the only opportunity to sit GAMSAT Australia in 2016.

GAMSAT 2016 registrations opened in early November 2015. The fee to sit GAMSAT 2016 is AUD$470.

Registrations will close at 5.00pm AEDT 1 February 2016. Late registrations will be accepted up to 5.00pm AEDT 11 February 2016 (AUD$100 late fee applies). No applications for registration will be accepted after this date under any circumstances.

There are GAMSAT test centres in each of the capital cities of Australia, and one in Townsville. The New Zealand test centre is in Wellington.

The only overseas test centres are in London, Liverpool, Singapore and Washington DC. An overseas test levy of AUD$185 applies for these centres, in addition to the registration fee.

Additional test centres will not be established.

The test is held on the same date at all test centres.

When completing the registration form, candidates select the city which is most convenient to them. Places are limited, so candidates are advised to register early. Candidates will only be able to select their preferred test centre if places are still available.

A precise reporting address for the centre to which candidates have been assigned will be stated on the Admission Ticket which will be available through their online account approximately two weeks before the test day.

Last note:
Students should make sure they go through and understand all of the questions in SIII of the ACER practice papers. Some questions from the march 2015 GAMSAT exam were directly from the ACER practice material.

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