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Fact: Studying for and sitting the GAMSAT are stressful activities. At times you may feel frustrated, confused and lacking motivation, while at other moments you may experience excitement and satisfaction. All of these emotions are to be expected! The following post aims to give you GAMSAT advice and suggestions as to how to approach the exam in order to minimise stress and anxiety and maximise your performance.

GAMSAT Advice #1: Have perspective

As difficult as it can be, try and remember why you are sitting the test and what you want to gain from it. It can be tempting to become caught up in the stress of studying for the exam and feel resentment towards the entire process. Remember that while the test is a challenge, it is just a stepping stone towards getting into a career that you are passionate about.

GAMSAT Advice #2: The GAMSAT does not necessarily say anything about your ability to be a doctor

While the Gamsat assesses characteristics important to being a doctor, there are plenty of people who find the test extremely difficult but go on to have incredible careers in medicine. There are also people who breezed through the test and end up finding certain parts of being a medical student really challenging! Try to remember that the test is difficult and lots of very smart people are as stressed and confused as you are.

GAMSAT Advice #3: Set realistic study goals

A mistake that many students make is that of setting near unattainable study expectations. By all means aim high and be ambitious in terms of the effort that you expect yourself to put in! But bear in mind that more hours of study will not necessarily make for better results, especially if you end up feeling stressed or deprived of other activities that give you joy. Schedule in regular rest breaks (and rest days!) and reward yourself with something that you enjoy when you meet your study targets, no matter how small they may be.

GAMSAT Advice #4: Have a plan (and revise it!)

Following on from the point above, it is very important to have a plan that allows you to visualise your goals and identify any areas that really need attention in the lead up to exam day. This can be as simple as an A4 piece of paper with days of the week and tasks scribbled on it, or it could be a spreadsheet or app that helps you to keep track of your study targets. Find something that works for you and keep adjusting your plan to reflect your study priorities closer to the exam date.

GAMSAT Advice #5: Study with others (but don’t stress out with them)

Studying in groups is a fantastic way to learn effectively and efficiently! Use your peers whenever you can by doing practice exams together and explaining your reasoning and strategies to each other. If you can, however, avoid taking on others’ concerns. It can be easy to become stressed by what others are worrying about, but try to have confidence in your own approach and abilities!

I hope that the above advice is useful and assists you in having the smoothest Gamsat experience possible!

Happy studying!

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