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Every year students are faced with the looming deadline of their GAMSAT exam. A natural response is to freeze.  There is so much material to cover. Which is the best to start with? How long should be spent on each topic?  Should you study intensively towards the end, or take a “slow and steady” approach from an earlier date?  To be sure there are a multitude of questions which will pop into your head. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Remember your first time is different from your second and third time.

There are, every year, a good portion of people taking the GAMSAT who could as veterans.  This is fine, and most likely to be expected.  If it is your first time know that the experience itself will likely be the biggest challenge.  It is long, stressful, and there are times you may well wonder if you were on the right track in terms of your preparation.  Regardless of how well-prepared you are remember that the physical experience of getting through such a long and challenging exam is likely to be the dominant experience you take away.  If it is your second or third time then that shock will have passed.  The trick now becomes trying to remember what were the lessons you learned on previous occasions, how to integrate those with the new knowledge you acquired, and how not to psyche yourself out in the process.

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  • You will never learn everything.

Year after year students strive to acquire every last scrap of knowledge which will be on the GAMSAT.  Well, odds are, in a given sitting, ACER will always manage to outmaneuver you.  They will incorporate a details, or increase the difficulty of a given question such that it will not match your preparation.  For GAMSAT best preparation it is always the best to focus on the fundamentals, on the basic “rules” of each topic area.  This is what will be of greatest assistance to you.  Focusing on endless cosmetic details at the expense of these rules will cost you in the long run. 

  • Prepare for all sections.

An absurd rumour which has developed over the years is that Section III is the only section for which you can prepare.  This is patently false and ridiculous.  Does this mean you cannot practice and improve your writing?  That you cannot develop your vocabulary?  That you cannot develop your analytical and logic skills?  Of course not!  In short, your should prepare for all sections to give yourself the best chance of success!

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