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In this post we provide an example of 1 Unit for GAMSAT Biology. This question is very similar to the GAMSAT biology questions you will receive in the actual exam.

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We will now go through 1 unit, which contains 3 GAMSAT biology questions.

GAMSAT Biology Questions

Unit 1

Questions 1-3

The visual pathway controls conscious visual perception in humans. Each eye views a monocular field (split into nasal, N, and temporal, T, fields), and together, they have a binocular visual field (left and right nasal fields) as shown in Figure 1.

GAMSAT Biology Questions

The optic tracts (shaded and clear nerve bundles), which connects the eyes to the visual cortex, are “split” into left and right optic nerves at the optic chiasm so that the left nasal field and right temporal field are “seen” in the left hemisphere and vice versa. Thus, when a person has lesions along the optic tracts, the resulting loss of vision will depend on where the lesion occurs. For example, lesion D in figure 2 (lesion in the left optic tract before it splits) will result in the loss of left nasal and right temporal vision. Use this information to answer the following questions that refer to Figure 2.

  1. Lesion B results in __________________.
    A. Complete blindness of the left eye

    B. Complete blindness of the right eye
    C. Complete blindness of both eyes
    D. Nothing
  2.  A person only has nasal vision. Which lesion best explains this?
    A. A
    B. B
    C. C
    D. D
  3.  What combination of lesions results in vision in the left temporal field only?
    A. B & E
    B. B & D
    C. B & C
    D. B & A

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GAMSAT Biology Questions


  1. Answer is B. Since both tracts that connect the right eye to the visual cortex are severed, the right eye will not be able to transmit anything, resulting in blindness of the right eye.
  2. Answer is C. Cutting the optic chiasm vertically (lesion C) severs the tracts that transmit the temporal visual fields. If you’ll notice, the tracts that “view” the nasal fields are still intact; thus, C is the correct answer.
  3. Answer is B. Lesions C and E result in a loss of left temporal vision, so choices A and C are incorrect. Lesion A & B together produce the same result as lesion B alone, which is blindness in the right eye. Thus, lesion B & D together leaves only the left temporal vision intact.

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