GAMSAT Entry Requirements

GAMSAT Entry Requirements

gamsat entry requirements

What are the GAMSAT entry requirements? To sit the exam you must be finished with school and attending university. You can be any age. You can be an Australian citizen or a non-Australian. You will need to pay $505 to register for the exam and your GAMSAT score is valid for 2 years. The exam is held twice a year, in March and September. Typically you will need to register for the exam around 7 weeks before the exam date.

To achieve entrance to medical school based off their GAMSAT marks a student will be required to:

GAMSAT Entry Requirements #1:
Not score below a 50 in any given section of the GAMSAT.

Students will not only need to score such overall that they are placed in around the 70th percentile and above, but they will also have to ensure that in no section does their score dip below a 50.  Even though their average may be high, if they fall too low ever in a single section it calls into question their overall aptitude as a candidate and thus makes them ineligible.

GAMSAT Entry Requirements #2:
Achieve an overall score of around 66 and above.

To get an interview students will be required to place around the 70th percentile and above.  25% of their mark comes from their Section I score. 25% comes from their Section II mark. 50% comes from their Section III mark. These combined will hopefully result in students being placed in the upper percentiles. 

GAMSAT Entry Requirements #3:
Possess a GPA of above 6.0.

There are exceptional cases of course, but you should hopefully have a converted GPA of above 6.0/7. If the student’s GPA is somewhat on the lower side then it is even more imperative that they score in a higher percentile than around 70th or 75th. On balance this will illustrate that they are a strong candidate.

Most universities take into consideration your GAMSAT score, GPA, and interview score when determining to offer a place in their medical or dental programs.

Click here to find out more information about the minimum GAMSAT requirements for each University.

GAMSAT Entry Requirements #4:
Be prepared for the unique interview format found in medical entrance.

Assuming that the student has a good GPA, that they score well, and they do not “aim too high” in their preferences they are very likely to get an interview. If the student does receive an offer then he or she must be prepared for the unique format by which they conduct multiple short interviews will small panels over roughly an hour. These are called the MMI’s and this format requires specific preparation. The student should not assume that their GAMSAT score alone is enough to guarantee them a medical place.

Now you know the 4 GAMSAT entry requirements, it’s time to begin your preparation:

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