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GAMSAT Essay Question Generator

gamsat essay question generator

For section two an obvious challenge is that you must determine what the intended topic of an essay will be from a quote you read on that topic. Sometimes the connection between the quote, usually made by a celebrity, politician, or famous writer or thinker, and the topic is obvious.  At other times the relationship might be a bit more murky.  The simple solution to this is to engage with quotes on a regular basis.  Sometimes their style may be archaic.  At other times it is possible that they may in fact give clues as to how to approach the essay.  Regardless, a valuable online resource you can access is our free GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator.

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From this link you will be able to access a wide variety of quotes of the kinds which have been discussed above. It is, as with all parts of the GAMSAT, essential that you become as familiar as possible with the particularities of the GAMSAT format, and used to the sometimes obscure nature of the quotes you are provided with. Here are a brief few suggestions on working with quotes.

  1. It is not essential to use all of the quotes provided for a given essay.

There is a tendency among students to try to use all quotes in provided in their essays.  Frequently they incorporate the actual quotes into the body of their essay. This is certainly an option, however it is worth remembering you are unlikely to receive extra marks for this. They may assist you in terms of helping you shape your ideas.  However, do remember that they are meant to be a guide and an inspiration, not merely concept which you parrot back to the marker.  I would argue that the most effective use of quotes would involve you taking a maximum of two, then paraphrasing them when you incorporate them into your essay. 

  1. Try to use quotes as hints on how to structure your essay. 

Each quote will often contain a particular bias or perspective on a topic.  Naturally you do not need to write to this bias. However, it is worth remembering that if you do not in fact have a strong view on the topic yourself, then it is well worth borrowing the bias and perspective from the quote itself. From here you may work to consider what are the general ideas which would make such a bias seem plausible. In short, you may develop a particular train of thought and argumentation from a quote once you have successfully identified its perspective and bias.

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