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So…you are sitting the GAMSAT! Amidst studying countless comprehension questions for section I, and honing your science skills for section III, it may be tempting to overlook section II in your preparation leading up to the exam. However, section II represents a powerful and effective means of increasing your overall GAMSAT score. Given that many candidates may underestimate the utility of this section, it pays to put adequate time into polishing your essay writing abilities. The following gamsat essay tips aim to guide your approach to section II, and help you to understand the key elements of a GAMSAT-style essay.

GAMSAT Essay Tips

Tip #1: Prepare

I mentioned it above, but I will mention it again! Put adequate time into preparing for section II and utilise it as a way of improving your overall score. Avoid assuming that you will simply be able to come up with something on the day…you probably will be able to, but you will perform far better if you have practiced your skills beforehand.

Tip #2: Know your objective

A good way of conceptualising a GAMSAT essay is to see it as a ‘mini essay’. In 30 minutes, you really only have time to demonstrate to the reader that you know the essential ingredients of an essay (i.e. introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs with rebuttals and a conclusion) and can formulate a well-structured piece of writing that conveys a point of view.

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Tip #3: Be argumentative (but also display an understanding of the opposing perspective)

You are likely to perform better in section II if your essays convey not only your thesis (just a fancy name for a sentence that summarises the argument of your essay) but also likely arguments against your thesis. You want to show that you can formulate a well-reasoned perspective, but also equally see how someone would completely disagree with you (this is where rebuttals come in).

Tip #4: Appreciate the difference between ‘type A’ and ‘type B’ essays

In your preparation, you will notice that one set of quotes usually relates to a more objective issue that affects society as a whole (think political issues, the environment, technology, healthcare, the legal system etc.), whereas the other set of quotes usually relates to something more subjective that affects the individual (think trust, relationships, pets, optimism etc.). You can write both essays in a very similar style, or choose to adopt a more reflective style for the type B essay. It is useful to experiment with different approaches to each of the essays, but remember that whatever style you adopt, you must ensure that your essay conveys a point of view (i.e. even a highly reflective essay should communicate a point to the reader).

Tip #5: Find a structure that works for you

There is no one correct way of writing a GAMSAT essay. The most important thing is that you use a structure that makes sense to you and allows you to convey your thesis effectively and analytically. If you couldn’t, for example, teach a friend how to use the structure you are using, and explain to them why it is an effective structure, don’t use it!

I hope these gamsat essay tips were valuable to you! Please stay tuned for more posts on how to approach and succeed in section II!

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