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Being in the right state of mind is potentially the most important thing you can do on the GAMSAT exam day. Without a good mindset, the long draining day of writing essays and answering questions can lead to early burnouts, and consequently resulting in things falling apart at the most crucial moments. Mental fatigue is inevitable when immense concentration is needed for such extended periods of time, however having good strategies to push through those will take you a step closer to success.

So what is the right state of mind? Ideally you would want to be slightly elevated, pumped for the challenge and walking into the stadium with positivity and reasonable expectations. Know that your preparations and hard work will pay off, and at the end of the day educated guesses go a long way.

Do NOT panic when encountering difficult questions or unfamiliar essay prompts, the exam is not designed for individuals to easily complete. Breathe and try again, then move on and never look back (unless you have spare time). Do not let the stress of one question carry on and build up to affect later performances!

Concentrate on what is immediately in front of you. Not the bathroom line, the time, the staff members or the people around you. If you are fatigued, close your eyes for a few seconds and take a deep breath, add in a quick mental prep talk and continue marching on.

The GAMSAT is already as stressful as it is, the last thing you want is to burden yourself with unnecessary emotions and panic. Pack your minds with feel-good thoughts, be your own cheerleader for the day and whenever your mind starts to wonder, allow the fatigue to be washed over by confidence in your own abilities. Rest assured that no matter what the result, you are trying your best and at that moment, that is all you need!

Be sure to bookmark this page and read it one day for the GAMSAT exam day!

– Joyce

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