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gamsat for dentistry

Here at ACE GAMSAT, we provide easy downloads of some of the best GAMSAT products online, including GAMSAT for dentistry. The GAMSAT for dentistry will assist you in achieving entrance to both Dental and Medical programs. Effectively it is possible to sit the GAMSAT preparation course for dentistry. Sometimes confusion can form around how the requirements for the two programs may differ, so here are a number of pieces of information on the topic.

Do I require a Strong Showing In All Of The Three Sections Of The GAMSAT Test ?

Yes,you will still require a strong showing in the results of the test.The belief that an overall weak performance, or a section specific weak performance will not interfere with an application for dentistry school is not accurate.  University will require that you score a 50 or above in all sections, and most likely around at least a 55 overall

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What Is a Typical GAMSAT Score That Will Secure Me An Interview ?

A typical score in the GAMSAT practice test which will secure you an interview is around a 62,63. The entry requirements for dentistry and medical school are arguably closer than many may think.  UWA typically offers interview and places to those scoring above a 62 or 63.  Remember that this may be subject to the relative quality of applicants year to year.

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Will I be expected to demonstrate the same competencies as your medical entrance peers ?

Yes you will. Sometimes dentistry students believe that they will not be expected to demonstrate as wide a range of competencies as is found in for their peers attempting to gain entrance to medical school.  The facts do not bear this out.  You will still be expected to write well, to analyse texts, and to have the same broad science knowledge as is found in those sitting the GAMSAT in the hopes of medical entrance.

Are There fewer places, overall for dentistry ?

Yes there are.fewer place for dentistry. Technically the smaller number of dental schools, and lower number of entrants per years, typically around 50-80, means that competition is still tough.  Do not assume because entry  scores are somewhat lower, and that proportionally fewer students seem interested in dentistry that it is any less competitive.

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