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gamsat for international students

The GAMSAT is available internationally. It is sat in the UK as well as Australia. Around 75% of those who take the exam are Australian residents. The GAMSAT for international students is of course available. Typically they are allotted a quota of 300 places per year. The remaining 1700 are specifically for Australian candidates. 

International students will be required to pay full fees whereas Australian candidates may be eligible for a variety of government subsidies which are awarded based on the merit of the applicant. I, for instance, received entry to medical school, based on a successful interview in which I was apparently in the 60-65 percentile of interviewees. However, I did not qualify for a bonded place which would have resulted in lower annual feeds. 

International students sit the exam under the same conditions, and are subject to the same strictures as applicants, but represent, very much like dental school students, a much smaller part of the overall pool of final places which will be available.

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Students who are admitted under the international quota who happen to gain Australian permanent residency or New Zealand citizenship during the course cannot remain in the international quota and will be transferred to an Australian full fee paying place.

Places can often be subject to demonstration of proficiency in spoken and written English.A minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall score of 7.0 is required, with at least 7.0 in each band. Applicants whose undergraduate degree was conducted and examined entirely in English do not need to submit to IELTS testing.

The minimum GAMSAT score is at least 50 in each section for international students, and a score of at least 50 overall.

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Overseas degrees which international students may be engaged in must be recognised by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) as equivalent to an Australian bachelor degree. 

Please see for more information.

There is no particular preference given, or lack of preference given, to degrees which international students may be transitioning from.  Biomedical students are as likely to achieve medical entrance places as are law students, or literature students.

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