GAMSAT For Medicine

gamsat for medicine

This is the “main attraction” so to speak. The majority of students sitting the GAMSAT are hoping to achieve graduate entry to medical school.Here are some general pieces of information which may assist those hoping to achieve graduate entry:

  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be measured by considering the last 3 years of the applicant’s undergraduate coursework. It may also include their honours year. Weightings will be applied by weighting the first of the years by 1, the second year by 2 and the final year by 3. If the student is in an honours year then is will count as the final of the three years.
  • Generally students will be required to achieve an overall GAMSAT score of 65-67 to qualify for an interview. Lower scores can attract an interview, however they must be balanced with a high weighted GPA.

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  • Score in any of the three sections should not drop below 50.While certain universities require section scores of above at least 55 it is certain that a student’s individual section scores cannot drop below 50.
  • As per the published entry requirements for the Doctor of Medicine, shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview for this course.The Multi Mini Interview format consists of eight separate interview stations. Each station takes five minutes and comprises several questions on the same topic. The whole interview process will take 50 minutes.All up you will need to be present for a couple of hours for the process to be completed.

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  • Final offers for medical places are based around a combination of the student’s GPA, GAMSAT and interview performance.The process of determination takes around a year, when the time between the GAMSAT and final offers are taken into account.If sitting the September GAMSAT it is important to remember that an offer for an interview will not be received until approximately a year from that time.
  • Each year competition increases for medical places. In the past 15 years the number of students sitting the exam has trebled.In short, students should be aware that they need to try and achieve the highest possible GAMSAT score in order to be competitive.

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