GAMSAT For Non Science Background Students

GAMSAT For Non Science Background Students

The GAMSAT is a non-discriminatory exam. Anyone who is a university student can sit it, you can be any age (assuming you have left school), and from any academic background. Inevitably many people attracted towards the GAMSAT will be biomedical students, or perhaps Bachelor of Science students.

gamsat for non science background

What about GAMSAT for non-science background students? Well, every year ballerina’s, actors, plumbers, novelists and general humanities students sit the GAMSAT, and many of them pass and receive places. I myself was a humanities student when I spontaneously sat the exam and received a medical place.

Success in the GAMSAT is, very much, about your natural intellectual, logical capabilities. In fact, it could be argued, humanities students have an advantage over non-humanities students. They have the required skill sets to perform strongly in Sections I and II. They can learn, in an allotted period, much of the required knowledge for Section III. So long as they hone their logic skills, their ability to analyse reams of technical scientific information, they stand a good chance of a respectable to good score in Section III. Hence, do not subscribe to the myth that those from a non-science background have no chance to achieve medical entrance.

Here are a few tips to help students worried about being of a non-science background.

  • 50% of the GAMSAT is in your favour.

Half of the GAMSAT is pure science. Equally, half of the GAMSAT involves writing, reading and aesthetic analysis.  This is great news for you. While much of Section I is still quite technical, there are many analysis skills which you can easily bring to bear to assist you in elimination, breaking a text down into it working units, and so forth.

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  • Even science students do not find Section III easy.

Section III is long, complicated, and can even confuse or discombobulate science students. They do not necessarily possess a significant advantage over you. Always remember test-taking skills, logic, and an ability to successfully break text down into smaller and smaller units which you can successfully analyse. This can bring any GAMSAT candidate success, regardless of their background.

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