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Let’s face it. The Gamsat can be daunting! Whether you are preparing to sit the test for the first time, or have completed it in the past, it can seem stressful and overwhelming. While it may be tempting to assume that everyone else preparing for the test is studying calmly and feeling under control, it is important to acknowledge that many people find the test hard (including those who end up getting into medicine!) and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. There are plenty of ways that you can find Gamsat help and be on your way to feeling more positive and assured about the exam. The following sets out a number of different forms of Gamsat help that you can choose from, depending on your circumstances and how you learn best.

Gamsat Help – Suggestion 1: Find A Tutor

This is probably the most efficient means of finding strategies to improve your performance and direct your study. Individual sessions with a tutor who has experience assisting students in particular areas of the Gamsat is a particularly effective means of tackling your problem areas. You can find a tutor through sites such as Gumtree and University Tutor, or via advertisements on notice boards at your university. If money is an issue (as it often is!), consider booking a tutor for a double session and ask them to give you an overall plan for approaching your study, and then meeting up with them again a couple of weeks before the test to fine-tune any issues that you may be experiencing. You can also ask tutors whether they offer group lessons, and perhaps go halves with a friend who is also preparing for the test.

Gamsat Help – Suggestion 2: Chat To Someone Who Has Done The Test Before

Find somebody who has survived the experience and performed well. Ask them what they did to prepare and what they found particularly challenging. Often it can be very helpful to learn that very smart, successful people, who are now medical students and doctors, found the test very stressful and confusing. Learn what helped other people and ask them if they have any textbooks sitting in their garage that you could borrow, or whether there are any resources that they would recommend.

Gamsat help – Suggestion 3: Gather A Variety Of Resources

Get your hands on some past ACER practice tests, as well as a variety of materials put out by other Gamsat preparation bodies. Don’t just stick to the one book. Studying from a wide variety of sources will give you a good spread of questions. Also remember that even if you are getting questions wrong, you are still learning something from them! There are also many free valuable resources on the internet. We offer a Free Gamsat Practice test. If you would like to download it, then click below now.

Gamsat Practice Test
gamsat help

Gamsat Help – Suggestion 4: Consider Websites And Forums

These offer a wealth of information. Just remember to stay focused on information that is relevant to you, and remember that what you read may at times be based on speculation and personal opinion rather than fact.

Gamsat Help – Suggestion 5: Consider Attending A Preparation Course

These can vary in cost and duration and it is important to weigh-up what a course is going to provide against the expense and whether you might be able to obtain the same information from a different source. Courses can be a great way, however, to quickly improve your confidence and understanding of the test and assist you in directing your study.

Gamsat Help – Suggestion 6: Self-help

Remember that, at the end of the day, you have the power to help yourself through this challenge by noticing your strengths and identifying areas that you struggle with.

Hopefully, this information helps you to better prepare for the test and get in touch with any assistance that you may require!



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