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Assess the following abstract concerning a relationship between medical television and the medical profession


Medical television programs offer students fictional representations of their chosen career.

This study aimed to discover undergraduate medical students’ viewing of medical television programs and students’ perceptions of professionalism, ethics, realism and role models in the programs. The purpose was to consider implications for teaching strategies.


A medical television survey was administered to 386 undergraduate medical students across Years 1 to 4 at a university in New South Wales, Australia. The survey collected data on demographics, year of course, viewing of medical television programs, perception of programs’ realism, depiction of ethics, professionalism and role models.


The shows watched by most students were House, Scrubs, and Grey’s Anatomy, and students nominated watching 30 different medical programs in total. There was no statistical association between year of enrolment and perceptions of accuracy. The majority of students reported that friends or family members had asked them for their opinion on an ethical or medical issue presented on a program, and that they discussed ethical and medical matters with their friends. Students had high recall of ethical topics portrayed on the shows, and most believed that medical programs generally portrayed ideals of professionalism well.


Medical programs offer considerable currency and relevance with students and may be useful in teaching strategies that engage students in ethical lessons about practicing medicine.

1. The study conceptually centers on:
A. ethics

B. teaching
C. media representations
D. medical role models

2. What made this study pragmatic?
A. For medical students to emulate role models
B. To understand media representation and medical approaches
C. For an understanding of professionalism in the medical field
D. For the purposes of teaching

3. What can be inferred to be the main weakness in the above abstract?
A. The study was essentially inductive, not deductive
B. Actual methodology for interpreting surveys was not made apparent
C. The participants were only undergraduate medical students
D. TV portrayals and real life scenarios greatly differ in terms of ethics and professionalism

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GAMSAT Humanities Questions


1. C and D are the tools of conceptually centering on A – ethics, the correct choice. B – teaching is the possible application in the study, making the study useful, practical, and pragmatic.

2. As a companion question to 1, the study is useful in the teaching of ethics, as evidenced in the Conclusions section of the abstract, indicating D as the correct answer. A & B are tangential, while C is inclusive of D.

Medical programs offer considerable currency and relevance with students and may be useful in teaching strategies that engage students in ethical lessons about practicing medicine.

3. Through deduction we find that C – the use of undergraduate students is incorrect. We are told these are pre-medical students and ideal for research surveys as subjects. D – is arguable and not the main weakness – as a tangential statement the difference between the two is not the main weakness – in fact, part of the study’s intent is to make connections between these variables. We cannot infer A – because we do not actually know the methodology of the study, whether it was inductive or deductive. B of course is the main weakness — there is really no statement within the method section on what methodology was used to interpret the surveys – as such the correct answer.

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