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GAMSAT Interview Questions

gamsat interview questions

Well done! You’ve made it through all of your preparation, you’ve aced your exam, you’ve waited all this time for a response from the medical school of your choice. Now you finally have your invitation to be interviewed by the medical school. But what does that mean, what does the interview actually look like? What kinds of questions can you expect for the GAMSAT interview questions? 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 1: Remember why you are there.

Even before you get to the gamsat interview questions themselves its important to get yourself centered and motivated. Why are you so far into your campaign to attend medical school? What is the major motivation in you doing so? Answering these questions will give you a big boost on the day.

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 2: Understand the MMI format

The interviews are conducted based on what is known as the Mini Multiple Interview format. In this format you will go from one group of interviewers to another and cover a wide range of topics such as your motivation for sitting the GAMSAT, why it is your intention in becoming a doctor, what do you see as your role in the medical field going forward, and how would you respond in a variety of medical scenarios. In the MMI, short-listed applicants will be invited to participate in Multi Mini Interviews (MMI) which consists of eight separate interview stations. Each station will take five minutes and members of the panel will ask several questions on the same topic. The duration of the process is around 50 minutes. In this situation lots of people form lots of impressions of you, and the overall impression is arrived on through discussion. 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 3: Be prepared for variety in the interview setting.

At each station, applicants will be interviewed by people from various backgrounds. They will be practicing doctors, other health professionals, medical students, even members of the public. In addition to this you will need to engage with a variety of hypothetical situations which may seem intellectually and emotionally challenging. Don’t get intimidated. Remember, a good doctor would always be able to deal with stress and variety as a part of a given day. 

GAMSAT Interview Questions – Tip 4: Be Yourself.

Doctors come in all shapes and sizes, different ages, different temperaments. Remember to be yourself and really show your passion for a medical career.

If you haven’t received your offer yet, you can check out our free minimum gamsat scores pdf.

Best of success!


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