GAMSAT Knowledge Requirements

gamsat knowledge requirements

“Do I have enough knowledge to sit the GAMSAT?” is a question often asked by many potential candidates who wish to take part in the exam.

If it were expected that you have an evolved knowledge of all of the topic areas found in the GAMSAT, you’d likely have to study for a decade before you could even sit the exam. This would be impractical, and leave you exhausted before you even commenced your medical degree. Hence it is likely that you may have a distorted view of what are the GAMSAT knowledge requirements. You are not supposed to know ALL biochemistry or ALL physics. 

To make things a little easier, here is a lists of “dos” and “don’ts” in relation to your knowledge requirements for the exam. 

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  • You should and must spend time learning about the writing techniques which will enable you to come up with terrific essays for Section II. This is easily achieved as the formulas for both are straightforward. This is an area in which you can and should acquire the necessary knowledge.
  • You should not waste too much of you preparation on Section I topics which concern logic. Spend your time instead learning the basic rules of logic. This applies equally to the philosophy texts you will need to analyse for Section I. You can use your logic skills on these as well. 
  • You should have a detailed knowledge of all of the basics of biochemistry – cellular respiration, photosynthesis, protein synthesis – to a moderate level of detail.
  • You do not need to know anything beyond a basic first year knowledge of physics.
  • You should know all of the essentials of genetics.
  • You should not bother with a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Most of this information will be provided to you on the day of the test in any case. 
  • You should know about organic chemistry to a basic approaching intermediate level.
  • You do not need to know about quantum physics to a degree any more sophisticated than would be covered in a basic first or second year chemistry class.
  • You should be able to do basic mental calculation which might come up in physics. Not being able to use a calculator is not a sufficient reason to arrive at the exam incapable of doing intermediate level mental arithmetic.

If you want to find out the exact topics that can arise in the GAMSAT, then check out the GAMSAT syllabus we have put together:

As always be sure to utilize the following resources provided by us.  Both will help you immeasurably in determining the level of detail you will need to attain for all of the topics you will be covering.

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