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Firstly, the GAMSAT exam is divided into three different sections.

Section 1 GAMSAT Layout

Section 1 is called the Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences section. This section consists of 75 MC questions and students are given 100 minutes to complete them. Students are given 10 minutes reading time. Students are given multiple stimulus materials and are required to answer questions. The types of stimulus material can be divided into 4 categories

  • Prose
  • Poems
  • Social and Behavioural Science
  • Graphics and Illustrations

Some examples of materials include – cartoons, editorials, dramas, poems, essays, biographies, graphs, and tables.

Section 2 GAMSAT Layout

Section 2 is called the written communication section. For this section, students are required to write two essays within 60 minutes. There is 5 minutes reading time. There are two essay tasks – Task A and Task B. For each essay task students are given 5 quotes that surround a common theme. It is important to know the basics of GAMSAT essay writing for this section. Check out the post below to learn more:

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Task A should be written as a more argumentative essay as the quotes deal with sociocultural issues.

Example: Task A may include 5 quotes that surround the theme of War.

Task B should be written as a more personal essay (with feeling) as the quotes deal with more personal issues.

Example: Task B may include 5 quotes that surround the theme of Youth.

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Section 3 GAMSAT Layout

Section 3 is called the Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences section. For this section, students are required to complete 110 multiple choice questions in 170 minutes. 10 minutes of reading time is given before the start of this section. This section consists of:

Who Is This Preparation Material Suited For ?

The assumed knowledge for Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry is up to first-year university. Whereas, the assumed knowledge for physics is up to year 12 or A-level.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare ?

The best way to prepare for this section is by learning all the required content and then practicing as many questions as possible.

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