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Re: gamsat organic chemistry – nomenclature of alkanes!

Naming of alkanes in gamsat organic chemistry

In the GAMSAT, it is highly likely you will need to determine the product of a reaction in the provided stimulus and select the correct name from multiple-choice answers, which is where the skill of naming compounds comes into use.

When identifying the name of a compound:

  1. Select the longest chain (parent chain) and count its carbons. If there are two chains of equal length, choose the chain with the greater number of substituents.
  2. The number of carbons will determine the prefix; for alkanes, the name will end in -ane.The following is an example of naming skills required in gamsat organic chemistry.

gamsat organic chemistry

Prefixes of alkanes required for gamsat organic chemistry

It is crucial to memorise the following 10 prefixes for gamsat organic chemistry success!

gamsat organic chemistry

Another important concept in gamsat organic chemistry is the naming of cyclical structures.

Gamsat organic chemistry – cyclical structures

If there are carbon atoms bonded in a cyclical structure, these are termed cycloalkanes. The prefix cyclo- indicates the presence of a ring structure. If there are hydrocarbon atoms bonded in a cyclical structure, these are termed cycloalkanes.

gamsat organic chemistry

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And last of all…

Remember that practice is the key to success in the GAMSAT. Make sure that as soon as you learn all the required content, you then apply this. The gamsat is a reasoning test and the fastest way to improve your reasoning ability is by practising gamsat-like question.

Also remember that many students do not finish all questions in the gamsat as they run out of time. So again, it is highly advisable to attempt gamsat practice questions under timed conditions so you can adapt to the speed at which you must work at in the real exam.

Best of Success!

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