GAMSAT course

Is a GAMSAT prep course actually necessary?
The answer is no. If you are able to be consistent in your study and have access to textbooks and sufficient study time, then you can quite capably ace the GAMSAT.

If you feel bewildered by all the content (many students from a non-science background fall into this area) then The Gamsat Bible is the way to go. This guide contains all the topics for Section III – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You will be able to focus your study on the necessary topics and won’t waste your time learning irrelevant information.

GAMSAT prep courses do provide very valuable material and information, but at a heck of a price. If you already have great motivation and utilzie all resources provided in The Gamsat Bible then a GAMSAT course is not necessary. However, if you insist on taking a GAMSAT course, I would suggest do your research and draw up a table that includes cost:benefit ratio for different materials and courses and then make my decision.

Happy studying 🙂


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