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When it comes to passing the GAMSAT, AceGamsat leads the way in all preparation materials from PDF’S, study books, mock exams, sample questions for biology, physics, chemistry and more, especially in Australia.Are you looking for gamsat prep courses australia? Well, our team at AceGAMSAT has created the most comprehensive GAMSAT home study course ever!

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GAMSAT Preparation Courses Australia

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gamsat preparation courses australia

Our current study guides include:

Some Questions Asked About GAMSAT Preparation


How Is The GAMSAT Scored ?

It must be noted that firstly, it is important to know that GAMSAT scores are usually configured onto a scale from 0-100 (with a higher number indicating a higher GAMSAT score). According to stats, on average, more than 95% of students receive a scaled GAMSAT score from 40-80.

The GAMSAT scores are based on a statistical adjustment which is called the Item Response Theory (IRT). This ensures that GAMSAT scores are comparable from year to year. The score you receive in the GAMSAT is your scaled score. So, it is not your actual percentage performance in the exam / raw score.

If you want to know how the GAMSAT is scored, the following formula below is how it is done :

Overall GAMSAT Score = ( 1 x Section I + 1 x Section II + 2 X Section III ) / 4

What is a good gamsat score

A good GAMSAT score can be relative depending on the cohort, perspective, and on the medical / dental school you are applying for. The following are some guides to use when deciding ‘what is a good gamsat score?’. We will split the scores into three different categories – average, good, and very high.

  • An average GAMSAT score ranges from a score of 56-58. This places a student in approximately the 50th percentile, which means that 50% of students scored below this score in the exam.
  • A good GAMSAT score usually ranges from a 61-64. This places a student in approximately the 75th percentile, which means that 75% of students scored below this score in the exam.
  • A very high GAMSAT score ranges from a score of 72 or higher. This places a student in approximately the 98th percentile, which means that 98% of students scored below this score in the exam.

Note: A ‘good’ gamsat score may be enough for entry into one university, but below the cutoff for another. It is important to also keep in mind that most of the Universities take into consideration your GPA, when deciding to offer you a place for a medical interview.

When are GAMSAT results out ?

  • The GAMSAT results are released within 2 months of sitting the exam
  • Students are emailed login information to access their results.
  • The next GAMSAT exam date will be September 2019 and the results will be released mid November 2019.