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Well hello there. You’re thinking, c’mon, there are heaps of posts out there about getting ready for the Gamsat, how to study for it, etc, etc. How is this post going to be any different from the other bagillion? Well! Do we have some news for you! The following blog post may not be the most inspirational piece of literature that you have ever read (sorry, but we might as well be honest), but we do reckon it might be the best thing on the internet if you’re looking for some timely and practical advice that you can actually use *today* whilst getting ready to sit the Gamsat. So, if we may, let us present our favourite Gamsat preparation tips.

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 1: Understand what it is that you are preparing for

Ok, we know this first tip sounds a bit obvious, but in getting ready to sit the exam, it can really pay to firstly sit down and glance over an ACER practice exam. You don’t have to do a timed practice exam and stress yourself out, you just need to have a good read of the types of questions contained in each section, and the types of stimulus materials you are provided with. You may not think that this is super helpful, but it can really help you to wrap your head around the task that you have in front of you and target your study to ensure that you are preparing for the particular type of exam that you are wanting to succeed at. Easy. We also offer a Free SIII GAMSAT Practice Test.

gamsat preparation tips

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 2: Make yourself a plan

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Whether you get a day-by-day, hour-by-hour planner and schedule in your study time, or whether you simply jot some tasks down on a to-do-list that contains the days of the week, making a study plan is critical. A study plan helps you to set targets for yourself and assists you in determining realistic time frames within which you would like to achieve your goals. If you don’t have a study plan, it can be easy to fall into the trap of procrastinating (because you feel directionless or overwhelmed), or feeling frustrated even when you do manage to get some study done (because you still think you haven’t done enough or are not making any progress). There are also plenty of goal-setting and time-management apps that you can experiment with. Done.

Gamsat Preparation Tips – 3: Get assistance if you need it

Consider whether you need some form of assistance with your preparation early in your study for the Gamsat rather than later. This assistance could simply be in the form of some shared study sessions with a friend, or as formal as a tutor that specialises in a particular section. It can be extremely beneficial to get in touch with individuals that can assist you from the very beginning, as these people can often point you in the right direction and save you time and stress in the long run.

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