GAMSAT Revision Checklist

As was mentioned in previous posts, it is important to technically “over-prepare” for an exam such as the GAMSAT. Year to year it can vary in terms of content, particularly for Section III. Sometimes the focus might be on organic chemistry questions, sometimes the focus will very much be on biodata questions. You need to be sure, in your GAMSAT revision checklist that you are covering everything, that all the bases are covered.

1.  1. Do not neglect to expose yourself to lots of vocabulary in preparation for Sections I and II.
Section I will have plenty of questions featuring sophisticated vocabulary. Similarly for Section II remember that you will need to demonstrate a sophisticated vocabulary in your writing. There are number of resources online which can assist you with this vocabulary-building. These resources are covered in our previous blog post – Tips for GAMSAT

2. Try to be sure to write 30 essays for practice by the time you sit the exam.
The breadth of material you will need to be able to address for Section II is considerable. So to is the required depth of your insights. All considered, it is advisable for you to expose yourself to as wide a range of topics as is feasible in the lead up to the exam. Be sure to check out our Free GAMSAT Essay Question Generator

GAMSAT Quote Generator

3. Be sure to do a top to bottom revision of all key conceptual aspects of organic chemistry.
Organic chemistry is probably the topic area which can benefit most from rote learning. There is a certain level of knowledge expected, approximate to what would be found in 1st year University level science. A lot of this knowledge should be at your fingertips on the day of the exam so but sure to give yourself a good 3 weeks to work through all of the key material for organic chemistry. You can see the entire syllabus topic list for section 3 here – GAMSAT Science Syllabus

4. Revise all of cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
Just like the organic chemistry material, be aware of the fact that the depth of knowledge required in biochemistry for Section III is quite extensive. Krebs Cycle, Calvin Benson Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, etc. Give yourself at least a month to ensure you have worked through everything and that there is never a situation where you notice a clear gap in your knowledge. Embrace the fact that this topic involves extensive rote learning. Our extensive series of GAMSAT Resources cover everything you need for all three sections of the GAMSAT.

Finally, if you would like to get your hands on our free gamsat practice test, then click below now:

gamsat revision checklist


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