Re: GAMSAT Science Section 3

GAMSAT Science Section 3

The GAMSAT Science Section (section 3 of the GAMSAT) consists of 110 scientific based multiple choice questions to be completed in 180 minutes (10 minutes reading time). This section of the GAMSAT is weighted double.

How is the GAMSAT Scored?

ACER use the following formula when determining your overall GAMSAT score:

Total score = [Section 1 score + Section 2 score + (2 x Section 3 score)] / 4

What Scientific Topics am I Examined On?

ACER recommend that students should know up to first year University biology, organic chemistry, and general chemistry. Students should also know up to year 12 physics (or A level physics).

This post covers all the topics you need to know for the scientific disciplines

How Do I Prepare for This Section?

The most effective way to prepare for Section 3 is to break your learning down into 2 separate parts.

  1. Learn all the required content for the different scientific disciplines
  2. Apply this knowledge to as many GAMSAT-like practice questions as possible.

It is important that students practice questions which are just like the actual GAMSAT as this will get them use to the reasoning-based questions that will arise in the actual exam.

We are offering a free GAMSAT Mock Exam which contains questions just like the actual GAMSAT. Click below to download your free copy.

GAMSAT Science Section – Free Mock Exam

gamsat science section