Re: GAMSAT Section 1 Questions Unit 6

Firstly, if you have not attempted the previous Unit 5 then click the link below before you get started on this unit.

Here’s the link – GAMSAT Section 1 Questions Unit 5

Evaluate and assess this discussion on the basic nature of knowledge.

GAMSAT Section 1 Questions Unit 6


Questions 1-2

Evaluate the political implications of the cartoon below

gamsat section 1 questions unit 6

1. The political tone of the cartoon is expressed through:
A Burlesque
B Contempt
C Irony
D Spite

2. The quote at the top of the cartoon assumes the statement is:
A logically valid
B arguable
C inconsistent
D circular reasoning

gamsat section 1 questions unit 4

Answers – GAMSAT Section 1 Questions Unit 6

1 Correct Answer: C – Irony – we know that what is represented by the speaker is not really what is meant. A, B & D can be deduced to be incorrect quickly.

2 Correct Answer: A – logically valid.  While the quote is B – arguable, this is not the assumption made. C & D are distractors.


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