GAMSAT Section 1 Strategies

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gamsat section 1 strategies

1. Start early

For many candidates, this will be the first English literature exam that they’ve done since high school. Text interpretation is a skill that must be developed over time. Don’t leave it till the week before the GAMSAT.

2. Read widely

The GAMSAT likes to draw from texts ranging from comics and poems to book extracts. Familiarise yourself with these different types of texts so that your ability to read and interpret them improves over time. Also ensure that you are reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts.

3. Learn the basics

If the words simile, metaphor, allusion or diction mean absolutely nothing to you, it’s time to brush up on the basics of language and literary devices. This will enable you to recognise when these language techniques are being used and appreciate their impacts upon the text.

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4. Read with purpose

Every time you read a text whether it be a Charles Dickens classic or the local newspaper, analyse what’s in front of you. Consider, who wrote the text? What information is being conveyed and why? How does the text make you feel? Who is the target audience? Capitalise on these everyday opportunities to improve your analytical skills.

5. Build your vocabulary

The benefits of an extensive vocabulary are twofold: it will enable you to better appreciate the meaning of a text and assist you in ruling out incorrect answers. A fantastic way to build your vocabulary is to read lots of fiction, as these texts are more likely to employ flowery language. As an added bonus, a large vocabulary will also benefit you in section 2 of the GAMSAT.

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6. Learn to read quickly

In the GAMSAT, time is of the essence. Learn to quickly yet efficiently scan a text to find the information that you need. This requires practice: the more you read, the faster you will become.

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