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GAMSAT Section 1 Tips For Success

GAMSAT Section 1 is arguably the most misunderstood of all of the sections. Several years ago another preparatory organisation in fact claimed that there was NO preparation which could be done for this section. This is patently inaccurate! To ignore Section 1 in your preparation is to deny yourself precious marks. Also, it is important to remember that you are expected to attain a certain minimum standard for each of the sections. A strong performance in Section 3 cannot fix the issues to your application created by a weak showing in sections 1 and 2. Here are a number of gamsat section 1 tips:

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #1 – Work hard to develop your vocabulary.

The majority of GAMSAT students, while curious and intellectually inclined, do not possess a level of vocabulary suited to the GAMSAT. Remember that the general standard expected is above what you may have experienced in Year 12, or even in some of your university curriculum. A simple solution is to bone up on your vocab. A good way to do this is to read a work of 19th Century literature. In future blogs I will address what is appropriate reading.

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #2 – Enhance your logic skills

Advanced problem solving is generally about using logic effectively. Again, many GAMSAT candidates fall prey to simple fallacies and assumptions. The easy way to avoid this is to study Aristotelian argument, and the manner in which premises are founded on certain assumptions, and in turn how they combine to form specific conclusions. Read Plato’s The Republic for excellent examples of Aristotelian argument.

GAMSAT Section 1 Tip #3. Expose yourself to a variety of discourses.

One of the major challenges of Section 1 is the experience many students have of being pushed off the deep end in terms of the specificity and technical nature of many of the passages they are exposed to. A simple way of dealing with this is utilise super-search engines such as Proquest and Jstor to access a variety of academic papers and journal articles. Articles in fields such as psychology, sociology and history will be invaluable for you to read and concentrate on absorbing the most essential information from under time pressures. Remember you will never be asked questions which require knowledge outside that which is provided in the text for Section 1 questions. Try to seek out new kinds of journal articles each new week of your preparation.

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