GAMSAT Section 2 Essay topics

GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Topics

So you’re stressing about the curve balls that could be thrown at you on GAMSAT day in section 2? Well, believe it or not, section 2 isn’t as awful as a lot of people make it out to be. It’s actually an opportunity for you to express yourself, show the markers who you are and prove to them that you’d make a great doctor!

Our free GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator will provide hundreds of examples of gamsat section 2 essay topics that may arise in the actual exam.

Whilst you can’t predict the exact gamsat section 2 essay topics that you’ll get on the day, with a bit of preparation you can feel comfortable to answer ANY question that you get hit with! Here are some tips on how to be well prepared for the essays!

Know your world!

The best thing you can do for section 2 is to be up to date on current affairs as well as both national and international advancements! We recommend watching the news every day in the lead up to GAMSAT and noting down any interesting stories or facts that you come across. Also! Listen to podcasts and read the newspaper! These often provide you with interesting stories on hot topics that you can use as unique examples to back up your arguments. As you accumulate more and more interesting facts in your document, you may want to classify them into broad categories such as Education, Technology or Science. That way, you will be prepared for any gamsat section 2 essay topic that comes your way, as they will inevitably be derived from broad and current issues in society.

Know yourself!

Task B can often give you an opportunity to write a personal essay, and show the markers who you are and what motivates you! Just like with the current affairs, start thinking about interesting stories in YOUR life that you could potentially bring in to a personal essay! The more you have the better, because chances are, at least ONE of them will be relevant to the topic! Its also okay if you prefer not to write a personal essay for this section though! Instead just draw on your revision of current affairs and write an argumentative piece! Whichever way you go, as long as you give both yourself and the world around you some thought before the exam, you will find that any gamsat section 2 essay topic that comes your way will be conquerable!!!

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gamsat section 2 essay topics

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