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Re: GAMSAT Section 2 Topics

Many students email our team and ask ‘what are the common GAMSAT section 2 topics?’. So I am going to outline this in this post as there may be many more students with the same question.

Firstly, ACER does not provide a syllabus with the most common GAMSAT section 2 topics, so we can only guess/assume based on past years and intelligent research.

After some research our team has put together common GAMSAT section 2 topics that are likely to arise in task A and task B of the GAMSAT.

TASK A – GAMSAT Section 2 Topics

Task A is an argumentative essay and deals with sociocultural issues. Common GAMSAT section 2 topics for Task A include war, freedom, crime, science, technology, poverty, wealth, and punishment.

TASK B – GAMSAT Section 2 Topics

Task B is a personal essay and it should be written with feeling. The theme deals with social and personal issues. Common GAMSAT section 2 topics for Task B include love, friendship, originality, ageing, suffering, beauty, conformity, youth, humour.

Students can get a free series of quotes that relate to some of these common GAMSAT section 2 topics. Click below to download now.


We have also released a GAMSAT essay writing book. Click below to download your digital version now for free – this will teach you everything you need to know for Section 2 of the exam!

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Free GAMSAT Essay Book

So, just a reminder that students are given 60 minutes to complete two essays, so it is important to keep track of time and not spend too much time on one essay. Students are given 5 quotes that surround a common theme and they are required to respond to the overall theme that these quotes represent.

Students should aim to write an essay that is between 350-400 words in length. It is also important to include a title in your essay – try to be creative and make it stand out from the hundreds of other essays that the marker is going to read. If you are struggling to think of a title, a simple rhetorical question will do as a title. Try to focus on generating great ideas and planning out each essay before you actually begin writing. Ideas are more important than grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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