GAMSAT Section 3 Strategies

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gamsat section 3 strategies

1. Start early

It’s no secret that there is lots of content to cover. This section cannot be crammed. Start early to ensure that you gain a strong grasp of the core concepts.

2. Plan your study

Create a study calendar and evenly allocate the different topics across the time period over which you are studying for the GAMSAT. This will ensure that you cover all the necessary content.

3. Learn physics

It will definitely be in the exam. Competition for medicine and dentistry is tough. You can’t afford to waste marks. At minimum, learn the basic concepts to give yourself a chance of deducing the correct answer. You can attempt some free GAMSAT questions with our GAMSAT Sample Test.

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4. Be creative

We’re no longer living in the dark ages. Textbooks aren’t the only way to learn. Whether it be study groups or (educational) YouTube videos, figure out how you learn best and don’t worry about what your peers are doing.

5. Be analytical

The GAMSAT tests your reasoning skills rather than your ability to memorise. Use the question stem and your own knowledge to deduce the answer to each question. Always ask yourself why an answer is or isn’t correct.

6. Practice, practice, practice

The GAMSAT is unlike any undergraduate science exam. By completing practice papers, you will familiarise yourself with the GAMSAT’s unique question style and strengthen your reasoning skills over time.

7. Time management

Each question is worth the same amount of marks. Ensure that you are allocating your time wisely to ensure that you finish the whole paper. For all you know, questions 100-110 might be really easy.

8. Don’t forget sections 1 and 2

Section 3 may be double weighted but sections 1 and 2 still constitute half of your mark. Place equal focus on all three sections to maximise your GAMSAT score. This is particularly relevant, as some schools have now moved towards placing equal weight upon the three sections.

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