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Re: GAMSAT Strategies For Success

Given that the date for the Gamsat is getting closer and closer, you may be wondering how to maximise the study time that you have left in order to produce the best exam results on the day. It is imperative that you make effective use of your preparation time to preserve your sanity AND give yourself the best chance of success in the exam! The following post is aimed at ensuring you have three simple gamsat strategies that you can readily refer back to when you are feeling lost for direction or confused as to how to best use the time you have left to prepare!

GAMSAT Strategies #1: Have your end goal in mind

Amidst studying for the exam and cramming your head full of information and practice questions, it can be easy to lose track of why you are even sitting the test in the first place. Remember that the exam is only a hurdle (if not a seemingly large one) on the road to gaining entry into medicine and ultimately pursuing a career as a doctor. If you are feeling stressed or fatigued by the process, remember that you simply need to perform as well as you can in as many areas of the test as you can, and that your overall purpose is to gain entry into an area of study that you are passionate about. Also remember that finding the Gamsat challenging does not mean that you will find medicine or working as a doctor similarly difficult.

GAMSAT Strategies #2: Know your strengths and weaknesses and use these to your advantage

Do you find that you struggle with section III yet feel confident with sections I and II? Or are you feeling out of your depth in the essay section yet confident with any kind of organic chemistry thrown your way? Each person’s mind works differently, and that is what makes us unique and talented in areas where others struggle. In terms of the Gamsat, it is highly important that you identify areas that you are still struggling with despite having invested time and study in such parts of the test. If you are confident in a particular area, in the months and weeks before the exam, it is probably a good idea to leave these aspects of the exam and turn your attention to what you find truly difficult. Additionally, be mindful of the areas that you may be able to boost your overall score (for example, you may find essay writing easy) and really use these parts of the test to your advantage.

GAMSAT Strategies #3: Time management is key

In the weeks before the test, it is time to really hone in on time management. Instead of just timing your own essays or setting an alarm on your phone, take it to the next level and have a friend or family member run a timed mock exam for you. Start the exam at roughly the same time that you would on the day of the Gamsat, and take breaks that would reflect the length of the morning break and lunch break on the day. Yes this exercise will take up pretty much a whole day, but it is invaluable to your preparation! Buy your assistance their favourite take-away for dinner and discuss with them where you ran into time management issues and how you might be able to address this.

Refer back to the above strategies and you will be well on the way to performing at your best on the day of the Gamsat!

Happy studying and good luck!




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