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GAMSAT Study Timetable

gamsat study timetable

For the GAMSAT study timetable the obvious question is, “when exactly should I start studying?” The answer is, “it really depends on the time of year you will be sitting it, and how this aligns with your study needs.” Here are a number of tips to follow in formulating your study schedule.

GAMSAT Study Timetable Tip 1
Know that in December you probably won’t get much study done:

Students preparing for March GAMSAT frequently have the very best intentions in terms of what they hope to achieve in study over the Christmas Break. You will want to cover, for instance, all of the basic physics you will be needing for the exam. This is just not very likely to happen. Despite all of the best intentions you are unlikely to get much study done between early December and early January. Family obligations, excursions, and a multitude of other distractions will make it hard for you to sit down and put in the necessary hours.

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GAMSAT Study Timetable Tip 2
University exams should not stop your prep:

While you are all working hard on assignments and exam preparation for your university course work, it makes little sense to completely cut out all of your prep time when these two seem to clash. Unlike the Christmas holidays you will be in general study mode during term time, and figuring out how to factor in GAMSAT prep is one of the key tasks you will face. If you don’t study during term time, or exam time, and taking into account your non-activity during Christmas, there are not many more time slots you will be able to find for quality GAMSAT prep.

GAMSAT Study Timetable Tip 3
Set yourself a timeline of six months at a minimum for your preparation:

There are those who spend a full year preparing for the GAMSAT. To give yourself the best chance for a strong performance give yourself a good six months lead-in to the exam. This means starting in October for the March exam, and more or less starting directly following the March exam for the September exam. You will be covering the content over the first 4 and-a-half months, then find tuning in the final 6 weeks. 

GAMSAT Study Timetable Tip 4
The more time you can put in the better your result:

As a professional tutor, students have been asking me for decades now “what is the secret to a fantastic result”.  The answer is a boring one, and not as easy a solution as people would like to hear: Practice as much as possible – download your free gamsat mock exam here -, learn the material as thoroughly as possible. This involves the investment of perhaps hundreds of hours on your part into learning all of the ins and outs of the exam. Advisable is at least 2 hours a day, for six days a week, for the six month span of your preparation.

Good luck with preparing your GAMSAT study timetable!

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