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gamsat test help

If you’re looking for GAMSAT test help, then you have come to the right place! To prepare for the GAMSAT there are a number of recommended steps you should take.  Firstly, be sure to take the time to understand the structure of the exam, and the weighted allotment of marks for each of the three sections you will be taking. 

Section One:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section Two:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section Three:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

From this breakdown it should be fairly easy for you to estimate where you need to break up your time in terms of study allotments. 

Realistically the majority of your time should be spent on revision and “filling in the blanks”.  Even for the most dedicated science students there will still be areas of weakness.  Do not forget it is also perfectly possible that you may have actually forgotten key concepts.  Many of my science students preparing for the GAMSAT are overconfident when it comes to section three.  Two particular areas of weakness for these students I would say are physics and physical chemistry.  You will find, as your revision starts, that one gap which you discover will inevitably lead on to several others, so be sure to leave blank spaces in your study schedule which you can fill with these surprising discoveries. 

At a certain point you should reach a point of sufficient confidence where you you’re your knowledge level has risen to a sufficient point that you will be able to use the free resources provided on this website.  It is important to gauge this carefully.  If you jump the gun and are not ready then it is possible that you will not be able to make optimum use of the resources provided.  I would recommend the following GAMSAT Practice Exam

This will direct you to a free practice version of section three where you can easily test out the knowledge you have acquired.  As you work your way through this resource treat it, again, as something of a diagnostic, indicating to you areas of weakness.  When you have again returned to your revision, and again worked through areas of weakness then attempt to determine from our other question resources what you might potentially need.

Good Luck!

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