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The Gamsat is a pretty tricky exam, and studying for it isn’t exactly the most exhilarating experience. In fact, at times, studying for the Gamsat can seem really stressful and downright confusing. In order to (hopefully!) make your Gamsat study that little bit less of a drag, we have put together a list of gamsat tips and tricks, which we think will have you feeling less anxious and more prepared in no time!

gamsat tips and tricks

GAMSAT Tips and Tricks – #1: Utilise a process of elimination when answering questions

This may seem obvious, but it is a piece of advice that is well worth revisiting! The types of questions that are found in the Gamsat are designed so that you as a candidate are required to consider all the options before choosing the best possible answer. While it may be tempting to look at all the answers briefly and try to pick the ‘correct’ answer, this approach can be extremely mentally fatiguing, and you may find that you end up missing the correct answer because you haven’t considered the merits of each option. The easiest approach for both Section I and Section III is to look at all the answers in turn and consider whether any of the answers are completely out of the ballpark because of a certain characteristic (e.g. for Section I, an option might contain a word or phrase that renders it inappropriate, or for Section III, a number may be so large that it couldn’t possibly be the answer), and then consider which of the remaining options are most likely to be correct.

GAMSAT Tips and Tricks – #2: Utilise others (but don’t stress out with them)

Other people (including other Gamsat candidates, tutors, university lecturers, friends etc.) can be excellent resources when preparing for the Gamsat. You should look to others for assistance, motivation and encouragement, and work with others wherever and whenever possible. However, be wary of exposing yourself to individuals who may be extremely anxious or concerned about the exam, as their fears and concerns may in turn cause you distress. Offer others support but try to stay on track and focused on your own goals, and hang on to your own sense of inner confidence.

GAMSAT Tips and Tricks – #3: Keep track of small goals

At times, studying for the Gamsat may feel highly unsatisfying. You may not feel accomplished or as though you are rapidly improving, particularly when you throw yourself into practice exams. This feeling is normal! Try to keep a record of your smallest victories (completing a section in a revision textbook, for example), and reward yourself for meeting these milestones.

We hope that these gamsat tips and tricks have assisted you in your journey to gamsat success!

Happy studying!

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gamsat tips and tricks


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