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Let’s explore GAMSAT vs UMAT… For a number of you this will be your second attempt at achieving entrance to medical school. For some it will be their second attempt at the GAMSAT. Just as likely it will be the case that many of your have already sat the UMAT, and due to achieving scores below the cutoff are now attempting the GAMSAT in your post-Year 12 attempt at medical entrance. So now for the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that if you sat the UMAT you have a much greater chance of achieving entrance through the GAMSAT. 1 in 7 GAMSAT students achieve medical entrance. 1 in around 16 achieve entrance through the UMAT.  So, the odds are now in your favour.

The bad news is that the GAMSAT is more than twice as long as the UMAT, and is considerably more difficult in terms of its content.

Focusing again on the good news, remember that you only need a score of 65-70 to be offered an interview.  In contrast your overall score for the UMAT would need to be much, much higher. 

Let’s focus now on the key differences between the GAMSAT & UMAT.

  1. There is no major focus on spatial intelligence in the GAMSAT.
    Section Three of the UMAT focuses on you utilising your spatial intelligence to solve a number of sequencing puzzles. You will not need to focus on this so much for the GAMSAT. There will be puzzles which will require some spatial intelligence, but typically you are given a key to interpret what the symbols or spatial orientations you are provided with suggest.
  1. There is no longer a major focus on emotional intelligence.
    You will have needed, in section two of the UMAT, to demonstrate strong emotional intelligence as you attempt to decipher the subtexts of a variety of interpersonal scenarios.  While this may prove useful in certain dialogue questions for section one of the GAMSAT, you will not need to be as “in-depth” in your analysis of the motivation and emotional choices of the subjects of these dialogues. A major challenge of the UMAT is putting yourself in such particular emotional situations, and attempting to understand people’s motives.  You will not be faced with this challenge on the GAMSAT.
  1. You will be provided with more contextual information on the GAMSAT.
    A final major benefit is that you will often, with each unit be given a wealth of information to work with to help in your interpretation and comprehension of questions.  This is a major benefit for both sections one and three for the GAMSAT over the UMAT.

I hope you now have a better idea about GAMSAT vs UMAT. You can download your GAMSAT sample exam for free, by clicking the link below.

I wish you the best of success in your medical future!

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