Re: Preparation 1 month before GAMSAT

Preparation 1 month before GAMSAT
Only 1 month until GAMSAT Australia 2016!

Now is the time to dig-deep into all of your practice materials.

If you have not already done so it is time to practice questions under timed conditions. Use one of the full Acer sample papers. Sit on a desk in a quiet room, switch your phone to airplane mode, and start your timer. Finish section 1 in one sitting. Have a 10 minute break and attempt the essay questions in section 2 under these timed conditions. Now go have a break and have something to eat and drink (low GI food and water).

When you’re ready (30 minutes – 1 hour) come back, start your timer and attempt section 3.
After completion, take a break, relax and then go through all the answers and see where you went wrong (this is very important! – NOTE: Acer has previously copied questions exactly from their practice papers and placed them into the real exam! These questions are EASY marks! And will give you more time to complete the rest of the exam).

If you have completed all Acer practice papers for section 3, here is a FREE S3 mock-exam you can go through –

The more you can replicate the actual exam conditions the better!

You should be writing at least four essays per week starting from now and up until two days before the GAMSAT exam. Leave the day before the GAMSAT for relaxation and leave some time for meditation.


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