Re: How Hard Is GAMSAT?

How Hard Is GAMSAT?

how hard is gamsat

How hard is GAMSAT you ask? Well, for a lot of people the obvious answer would be “Extremely hard!” With a whole heap of passages, 75 humanities questions, 2 essays and 110 science questions it can feel like mission impossible, especially when you first begin your study. But what you have to understand is that the GAMSAT is only as hard as you believe it to be and the right GAMSAT training can make all the difference when you are fully prepared with the necessary GAMSAT practice tests

Can We Provide The Best Practice Tests To Help You Pass The GAMSAT ?

Yes we can. Here at AceGamsat, we provide some of the best GAMSAT training and practice materials to help you make this journey as painless as possible with complete example questions on biology, physics, humanities, organic chemistry questions and so much more. We have everything you need in the form of practice tests, PDF’S and downloads that you can study at your own pace. Don’t let the size of it intimidate you. It’s just one hurdle that you need to jump over if you want to become a doctor.

So Is The GAMSAT Easy To Pass ?

Well,the good news is, it’s not as hard as you may think!! After you settle into a study routine, have the key content down pat and start exposing yourself to practice questions, you will realise that GAMSAT style questions follow quite a predictable formula, and with enough revision you can start to see exactly what Acer (the company who write the papers) are looking for and how they try to trick you. In both section 1 and section 3, you will notice that similar styles of questions crop up, and once you have been exposed to these styles a few times, they will start to look a lot less daunting.

Section 2, on the other hand, freaks a lot of people out because they fear that they will get a question that they know NOTHING about! In other words, they fear the unpredictable! But again, its all about exposure! Reading up on relevant global issues and current affairs, and committing a few unique facts to memory from a range of broader topic areas will mean you will have supporting information no matter what the question. We suggest you have a read of our previous blog – how to revise for GAMSAT – to get some tips on how to revise for section 1, 2, and 3.

The factors that make the GAMSAT ‘hard’ per say, are things that you CAN prepare for. Below are two of these factors that are crucial to conquer if you want to perform well in GAMSAT.

Time Pressure   

If you are asking how hard is GAMSAT, put simply, GAMSAT is a high-pressure exam. For each question, you have very minimal time to process the stimulus material and reach a considered conclusion. It is the time pressure that trips a lot of people up on exam day because whilst they have been doing practice questions, they have neglected the time element! It is crucial that you practice all three section under timed conditions so that you start to train your brain to work fast. Its okay to start off slow to first gain an understanding of how GAMSAT questions work, but you should start working in timed conditions as early as possible in your study regime! This way, the exam day won’t come as a shock and you will know exactly what is coming for you! We suggest you read our other post with further details about GAMSAT timing.


GAMSAT is a long exam! Almost 6 hours in length with a short recess in between sections 2 and 3, your body and brain get put through a marathon on GAMSAT day! And like all marathons, you have to train for it!! Especially by the science section which is held last in the afternoon, a lot of people find themselves with sore backs, fuzzy minds and sleepy eyes! This is clearly not an ideal recipe for optimum performance! So… let the GAMSAT training begin!! It is so important to practice a few full-length GAMSAT papers in the weeks leading up to the exam so that not only your brain is prepared, but your body is too! Make sure you get good sleep leading up to the exam too! A few extra ZzzzZZZzzzzs will get you a lot further than cramming late at night!

So… How hard is GAMSAT? Well, it’s not ‘a walk in the park’, but if you prepare accordingly, it most certainly won’t be the ‘mission impossible’ that so many people deem it to be! You can do it! If you’d like a free GAMSAT practice test, then click below to get yours now!

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