Re: How Long is the GAMSAT?

How Long Is The GAMSAT?

While it might seem a simple question to answer, “How long is the GAMSAT”, it really depends on how you measure the time it takes to sit it. Realistically most of your day will be given up to the exam. You will wake early, travel in to the exam venue, and not be finished until late afternoon or early evening. You will of course have breaks. There is approximately 15 minutes between Sections I and II, and approximately 1 hour between Sections II and III. Here are the specifics of the length of each section.

How Long Is The GAMSAT Section I?

This section is made up of 75 questions for which you will be given 100 minutes to complete. Please be aware of the fact that it takes time to get set up, to enter the hall, and it should be up to 10-15 minutes between you sitting down and then finally being able to start the section.

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How Long Is The GAMSAT Section II?

Following your break, you will return for the following section. This will be comprised of two essays written over 60 minutes. A typical question I hear is “can I write longer on one essay than the other?” The answer is obviously no. Give yourself the best chance of a strong score in both of the essays and write for 30 minutes on each of them.

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How Long Is The GAMSAT Section III?

Following a lunch break of around an hour, you will come back for Section III. This section is comprised of 110 questions which are to be completed over 170 minutes (just under 3 hours). Make no mistake, this part of the exam will be the toughest. You will be tired. The range of topics you will cover will be dizzying. You may well be burned out by this time in the day. It is of course imperative you keep pushing on.

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All up the GAMSAT represents, breaks included, a roughly 7-hour investment of time. Taking into account travel time to and from, it is a full day.

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