how many times can you sit the gamsat
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Re: How many times can you sit the gamsat?

If you’re wondering how many times can you sit the gamsat the answers is UNLIMITED. The GAMSAT test is run by ACER and there is no limit on the number of times a students is allowed to sit the GAMSAT.

How many times can you sit the GAMSAT?

Since you now know that you can sit the GAMSAT an unlimited number of times, the next thing you may ask is…

When can I sit the GAMSAT?

Well, ACER runs the GAMSAT exam two times per year. All students in the UK, Ireland, and Australia are able to sit the Australian GAMSAT in March and then sit the UK GAMSAT in September.

If you are looking for free gamsat practice questions to help with your studies you can download your free gamsat section 3 mock exam below.

GAMSAT Mock Exam

gamsat mock exam

Finally, some advice!

When you are studying for the GAMSAT section 3 keep the following in mind.

  • Make sure you learn all the required content for section 3. Section 3 consists of 110 multiple choice questions. 40% of these questions are biology-related. 20% of the questions are physics related. 20% of the questions are organic chemistry related and the final 20% of the questions are general chemistry related.
  • Practise as many questions as possible. This is the fastest way you can improve your gamsat score. Many students fail because they learn all the content, but do not practise many questions. Get your hands on as much practice material as possible! Our GAMSAT Study Package contains a complete GAMSAT practice questions, which is the closest thing to the real exam!
  • Keep in mind that the GAMSAT is not a knowledge. It is a reasoning test. This means that students need to apply their knowledge and use their reasoning skills to answers questions in the GAMSAT exam!Now you know how many times can you sit the gamsat (unlimited), so go study hard and smart and I wish you the best of Success!

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