Re: How To Ace GAMSAT?

How to Ace GAMSAT

How to Ace GAMSAT you ask? For some, the concept of ‘acing’ the GAMSAT feels like a prospect that is millions of miles away! But remember, all those people who manage to score North of the 90th percentile every year managed to do it! So you can too! Don’t put the GAMSAT in the ‘too hard basket’, high performance is achievable with a few simple tricks! Heres how to get on track to ace the GAMSAT!

  1. Commit yourself

Once you’ve decided you want to become a doctor, you will have to decide to commit yourself to the entry process. GAMSAT is not something you can ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about- you have to jump headfirst into the process and commit a solid amount of your time and energy for preparation. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds though! Once you get started, you will realise that its totally achievable to feel well prepared heading into the exam. As long as you have a study plan, you’ll be able to start smashing questions in no time. See our previous blog for some tips on how to get your study rolling by starting a study plan!

  1. Have a solid routine 

Try to study for the GAMSAT consistently between now and when you sit the exam. Treat GAMSAT study as if it is a second job so that you are held accountable for your hours and work efficiently and effectively. Studying for this exam is an investment in your future because ultimately it will land you your dream job!! Make sure you incorporate exercise and social time into your routine so that when you do sit down to study, you are able to do so effectively! Once you are in a routine, it will become less daunting and more enjoyable to study, and you will start to gain the confidence you need when you enter the exam room on GAMSAT day! 

  1. Practice in Timed Conditions

We can’t stress the importance of timed practice enough!! At the end of the day, the people who are trained to answer GAMSAT questions under pressure are the ones who will excel in the exam! Once you have your content down pat and you are familiar with GAMSAT style questions, start working on sample questions in exam conditions so that you don’t get a shock on the day! You’ll be miles ahead of the pack if you make this a big part of your study!

  1. Believe in yourself!

At times, GAMSAT can feel overwhelming and its easy to convince yourself that it’s just all too hard! But we guarantee that everyone goes through this throughout their GAMSAT journey! Just make sure you persevere and don’t give up! Its so important to stay positive and believe in yourself because, at the end of the day, this will help YOU to become a doctor!

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how to ace gamsat

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